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  1. jw23876 says:

    Are you re-upping the clothes try on video of watermelon butt in the next wave? Do you not have it anymore? Just wondering cuz I keep asking but you don’t really reply back about it.

    • my bad fam… i keep approving the message via my phone… but, forgetting to respond to it when I actually get in front of my CPU… I will have a WatermelonButt reup of the all the slightly older scenes (like that one) coming sometime soon…

  2. This man playing protect the vagina something serious. I mean we have no idea what that region of her even looks like from EVERY video ever made….this shit becoming like Cinemax at 11pm….

    • LMFAO!!!… yeah, he needs a separate camera man… That ass is too big to just have stagnant angles…

      • I think he consciously is shooting this way. I’ve done setups for these kinds of scenes before. He seems to be putting the camera in these positions on purpose. A slight tilt upward on the low camera from behind and everything would be that much better….it’s like he uses a level or something instead of referencing what’s actually good about POV work and that’s the closer than normal feel it has..

  3. blakmagik says:

    Damn…this seemed like a wasted opportunity…should have started with massage and then gone into an assjob scene. Not sure how that guy held back!?!?!?