more vitoria beatriz here!

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She is one of the thickest, finest Brazilians I have seen. Look at that pretty face, and them angel eyes, with them nice juicy tits and that phat, big booty that jiggles like jello. Her name is Vitoria Beatriz and she does it all. She eats big dick up her ass n pussy for breakfast than come back for a second plate of some more huge dick. I got the Black Brazilian homie, Akillies Black to fuck this thick light-skinned Latina ass n pussy up and that’s what he did; He was fucking her anus spreading that asshole up while she jiggled on his big cock than he would thrust it in her pussy ramming here fast and deep. This woman can take dick, he was putting in the work and she was throwing that ass n pussy back at him. You all will love this video. Anal & Pussy Fucking Vitoria Beatriz. The full Brazilian Porn video is almost one hour long.

  1. cameron giles says:

    Monica Santhiago is still the GOAT of Brazilians but this chick is definitely moving up in the rankings! Definitely been looking for her stuff a lot more lately.

  2. RicoDaKid says:

    She’s jumped in my Top 5 Brazilians
    1) Monica Santiago
    2) Luana
    3) Joyce Oliveira
    4) Darlene Amaro
    5) Vitoria

    • I might have Darlene as my #1 legendary Brazilian… But your list is FIRE!

      • RicoDaKid says:

        Darlene was my go to back in those Justin Slayer/Evasive Angel days for sure! Regina Rizzi is another one that was top tier

    • Flatoutstud says:

      I’m loving this list!!! But I might have to shuffle it up a lil bit.

      1) Monica (body, looks, longevity, performance, nastiness)
      2) Vitoria (Yes I did that – for all the reason above. longevity is to be determined tho)
      3) Darlene (It really can’t be explained she just got it)
      4) Joyce (looks, performance and all around sexyness. She is the freak next door)
      5) Luana ( finest of them all imo – but she just did not do enough for me to put her higher up)

      When I watch Luana scenes I feel like “saving” the hoe so I can do things to her by myself (sometimes Joyce as well). But when I watch the rest I just want my turn over and over again… and it’s a very different feeling lol

      Vitoria scares me by the way… She been dropping back to back scenes lately like she just trying to pay off a mortgage and dip on us (just like Luana did) lol

  3. Sonny says:

    Hi RealFastMustang speaking of curvy thick woman, could you post if possible this JP’s scenes? thanks a lot.

  4. kobejay23 says:

    She needs to shoot a scene where they just worship that booty and body. The whole package is wonderful!

  5. MrBad says:

    The way dude was actively sweating, you’d think it was raining in that room.

  6. Daedalus says:

    The Brazilians clearly still knows where it’s at, but why… WHY isn’t any European or US company establishing some sort of satellite studio down there to shoot all these gals on a regular basis?!