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  1. nate says:

    cant wait to see these comments about her!!!

  2. Poor Righteous Leecher says:

    *With balled fists in the air, in Florida Evans voice*


  3. Kenneth says:

    d**n bro!! thanks, this is GOLD..

  4. Mark says:

    OH MY…

  5. Balo_tt says:

    What a wave my G. SOLID…..

  6. P.R. says:

    I guess she’ll have to stay in South America. She couldn’t walk around the US built like dat! 🙂

  7. Ranks says:

    Daamn, that what I’m talking about, my type of female built like a mack truck,

  8. Peter X says:

    Fellas her Facebook is Leila Maria Garcia..my only criticism of these mega ass and bigbuttlatinasss films are that they girls don’t moan for shit. They need somebody who can really swing that dick make these girls scream

  9. Peter x says:

    Her Facebook is Leila Maria Garcia Ramirez

  10. demar says:

    jeezus..sweet mary she is thick asf omfg ..in my martin voice damn ,damn ,damn!!!

  11. rockett says:

    Please, tell me she will take the dick lmao

  12. NandoDOTADO says:

    You can upload this video again —- 8th Street Latinas – Cynthia Bang

    8sl_cynthia_bang_432.wmv please

  13. blade says:

    What’s the logic behind her wearing a mask when we already know what she looks like?

  14. feliz says:

    Does anyone know what country dude is in. He blurs anything that might show his location.

    • Someone had pointed it out, a while back… based on the outside of a hotel, or somethin… I can’t remember where they said…

      • feliz says:

        I’ve narrowed it down to either Venezuela Or Columbia but it would be good to know for certain. DO you remember which post that “outside the hotel” comment was made on. I wouldn’t mind confirming…

        Ultimately the plan is visit but I’ve never been certain lol

  15. JonnyB says:

    Looking at her instagram, she wasn’t always this size.


    She miraculously packed on lbs. and inches in ALL the right places.
    Truly a freak of nature

  16. Niko says:

    This chick is straight flames, I don’t know where he gets these chicks from but dayum!! I love his sites, and Thanks for this!!

  17. mebigdeez says:

    if only women like this would star in mike adriano directed films…the dream

  18. Dynomite says:

    Anybody got a good source for FBB porn? Streaming or dl. These pic sites are boring…

  19. gaptooth says:

    the Candi wett and Big yella ( abigal devereux ) scene on rawblackvideos looks fire
    any chance of an upload

  20. Prnplayboy says:

    Valerie Kay new Blacked Raw scene looks hot!!!

  21. Big Saint says:

    Was up RFM I got a new Maryjean scene that doesn’t drop till next month how can I send it to you

  22. Big Saint says:

    Here u go (link)

  23. Big John says:

    Bro please tell me you can upload this scene

  24. Jhon says:

    shit of website megabuttmodels only model and walking no sex no nude, shit

    • Yeah, he could have used some baby oil on her… did some actual (REAL) face fucking, dildo ride (even IF he didn’t show the insertion)…

      hopefully he has some good ideas in the Pipeline, for her… He had Pilly doing a BUNCH of nothin in her first couple scenes…

      He CLEARLY has WAY higher expectations for Katherin… So, I expect to see some good shit in the near future…

      -Part of the reason I put damn near the FULL wave all up at one, is to provoke him to go harder (since I know he frequents THIS site)…

  25. Edgar says:

    Does anybody know when we will see updates from this site, I should change to a month to month basis, nothing happening for 30 days.

  26. Thad says:

    damn these links die QUICK. I’ll catch it next time thanks for all the drops RFM

  27. Nik says:

    can we get a re-up from part 1 and part 2 maybe?

  28. Julio says:

    BRO can u re up part 1 and 2 ? pls !!! Good site (Y