1. MrBad says:

    Rocio & Lucia Maison AKA Maison Twins

  2. blix says:

    maisontwins Rocío and Lucía

  3. James says:

    Rocciiomaiss and luciiamaiss instagram

  4. gomes668 says:

    twinsmaison rocio and lucía maison

  5. Jay says:

    The Maison twins

  6. Mr. Nice Guy says:

    Those are the Maison twins Rocio and Lucia

  7. seamus says:


  8. Vetaholic says:

    It’s the Maison Twins

  9. P.R. says:

    I’ve only seen Rocio & Lucia Mais or Maison, which could be stage names as mais is Portuguese for ‘more’ and I believe they are brazilian.

  10. nate says:

    RFM, these are the ladies I was mentioning awhile back, rocio and lucia , the maisontwins

  11. BD says:

    The Maison twins, Rocio and Lucia.

  12. gmode says:

    Remember years ago I told you bout these twin bitches, now they both fucking even got their mom in videos weird

  13. elih says:

    R0CI0 & LUC!@ M@!$0N. Best BBW ever

  14. Rando says:

    Maison Twins – Rocío and Lucía

  15. gomes668 says:


  16. Val says:

    Its Rocio and Lucia from MaisonTwins

  17. yonkers says:

    Looks like Rocio & Lucia Maison. Whole lotta booty between those 2 twins

  18. Danthasov says:

    Mais sisters I think, first scene is defo Lucia Mais

  19. Dipmydunk says:

    Wow awesome find they are Rocio @rociiomaiss and Lucia @luciiamaiss the @maisontwinss. Didn’t know they made this content. More pleassssse!

  20. jakes says:

    Pretty sure these are the Maison twins

  21. Tdurden says:

    Maison Twins, Rocio and Lucia

  22. Damn says:

    Damn, since we have some CIA MF on here. I’m trying to find this thick ass redbone I use to work wit back in 05′. LOL