Pinky Chris & Savanah

Posted: 14th November 2023 by RealFastMustang in assoholics, big tits, black booty, DAMN, IR, lesbians, oiled asses/tits, PHAT ASSES
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pinkyxxx_chris_savanah_pinky_-10.jpg pinkyxxx_chris_savanah_pinky_-9.jpg pinkyxxx_chris_savanah_pinky_-7.jpg pinkyxxx_chris_savanah_pinky_-3.jpg pinkyxxx_chris_savanah_pinky_-1.jpg pinkyxxx_chris_savanah_pinky_-14.jpg

  1. JB says:

    Can’t wait for this download to finish……..!!!!!

  2. nate says:

    RFM i see you did it again with this set of updates! Question, you got Alura jenson new scene for josh stonexxx?!

  3. Izzy says:

    My fucking jaw dropped when I seen that Pinky gif and she bringing out that sexy ass Savanah.

    RFM just dropped the mic on em, props for the drops.

  4. HotDamn87 says:

    Hey RFM, once again another great drop!!! Anyway, did U see that Pinky is rebranding her old Pinky’s New Booties site as…but the real eye catching thing is that 1st girl on there The Beautiful Poetry Travis!!! She is the baddest chick I’ve seen in a LONG time….she is my kind BBW!!! Just curious what your thoughts?!!!

  5. goon goon johnson says:

    oh’ shit its bone time

  6. Son Goku says:

    Lol, in regards to my baby Pinky, 1 word. PREGNANT

  7. R.I.P A$AP YAMS says:

    See this the shit cherokee need to do instead of her corny ass directing/teasing … & ima come clean those black phat booty bitches fucking white dudes kinda throw me off sometimes ever sice megan vaughn’s coon comments :/

  8. jtruth says:

    hey rfm can you get melina mason scene from club butts out of curiosity

  9. TheLoneHandRanger says:

    Can anyone school me on why Pinky uses condoms in her scenes?

    • i saw a video where she was just basically saying she’s more comfortable with rubbers … she always has a fear of contracting something from someone else, so she’s just extra careful … her words.

      • camron301 says:

        Yeah, ever since those HIV rumors about her were going around, i think she feels more comfortable using them. She has proved a few times that she doesn’t have HIV/AIDS, she does admit that she has caught an STD before since she’s been in porn.

        Hey RFM, do you check out Kai Lee’s website lately? She’s got a few new videos uploaded, including one or two anal videos! I always loved her big ass & am glad she’s getting banged out more too!

        PS: thanks for those Lexi Amor uploads a few weeks ago too!

      • YUP YUP says:

        Anyone else not buying that excuse from her? It’s too suspect to watch the others fuck raw then when it comes time to fuck her its wrap-it-up. It leads me to believe she caught something and doesn’t want the partner to get it too.

        • i thought she had some shit like herpes, or somethin. Not sure about the excuse.

        • However, one thing she say that does sound very believable… I the fact that her STD records are easily obtainable by the public, due to her profession. So, if she did have hiv… The world would easily be able to blast her on it…. It just still seems a little weird.

          • camron301 says:

            I know what you mean, i seen her dance live a few years ago (when she was still thick as fuck, not BBW size) and she did put on a great show. All the rumors about her are just that, rumors. At the end of the day i could really care less because…she ain’t giving me the pussy lol.

      • R.I.P A$AP YAMS says:

        she didnt use any in the scene with kiara mia .. so guess depends on the homies she decides to shoot with

  10. realtalk says:

    thanks RFM!! hot post

  11. jejej says:

    megan vaughn’ what comments? everybody dont know what your talking bout details.

  12. jejej says:

    dude I know u aint talking bout her in a porno, just like you watch a porno and a white girls sayin i hate small white cocks, its part of the fin program sto being sensitive.

    • DaSilverSurfer says:

      See the Megan Vaughn Video in question here.

      • damn shame… i was REALLY hoping she was JUST acting… and maybe she was… but all the shit she said came REAL natural… unfortunately…. AND I feel sorry for ANYONE that has this mentality.

        She’s black & has yet to figure out what it even means… LOST.

        Someone needs to sit her ass in front of a 70″ 8K TV and put Hidden Colors 1,2, & 3 on loop until she finds what BLACK is REALLY synonymous with. Whoever she’s been hanging around got her convinced Black = Negativity.

        • R.I.P A$AP YAMS says:

          when i see thick shawteys with potential like jayden starr in that ghetto gaggers shit series.. like uurgh but ay man im just saying .. not that serious yall !

        • Lakersoldier says:

          Hidden Colors 3 was tight. As far as Megan, well I love her as a performer. But I didn’t think too much of what she said. I saw that a while back & I think she really means dudes that have sagging pants, 200 tattoos, etc. Dudes that come off as thugs. If you notice she sounds like a valley girl. And she does not have any tattoos. I mean she’s fucked with black guys so I say don’t read too much into it.

          • Yeah… I figured she really just talkin some dumb shit… And i personally couldn’t care less… But, i just hate when people equate stupidity with black… Or ghetto with black… Don’t even know what being black, really is.

  13. Snaker says:

    Hey RFM, do you have any private contact I can ask you some questions? Relax, nothing gay coming up there. Hahaha… But I think you can help me out figuring out some things. Thanks.

  14. Questlove says:

    Sup guys,

    Any tips on how to fuck women like these porn stars?

  15. a3rdeye says:

    Once again YA KILLIN’ ‘EM SON….Thanks for the drop as always.

  16. big trey says:

    Say bruh can you upload the pinky and miss mia scene

  17. Badda says:

    Love me some pinky

  18. camron301 says:

    Hey RFM, giving you a heads up for a scene to look out for…Angelina Castro & Virgo Peridot are shooting a threesome scene today for her website. Hopefully you can get that when it drops!

  19. RANKS says:

    big drop, pinky putting cherokee in the shade now, cherokee, not doing no more scenes jus webcam,

  20. j says:

    Premium only, dangit!

  21. bill says:

    can u re up the rapidgator link. its giving a file not found error

  22. Ink says:

    hey RFM, any chance the we can get a reup on the RG link? i got premium, but it the link is dead. appreciate all the effort!

  23. mrbillz says:

    Yo whats up with the Jade Aspen scene from any chance you could get that?

  24. Dz says:

    JADE ASPEN Scene from pinkyxxx that be Nice Thanks Man

  25. camron301 says:

    Hey i was wondering, did you post the Jada Stevens The Booty Queen DVD yet? I heard it’s fire, and i think they’re already casting to do Pt. 2.

    Also, Kiara Mia said the Kardashians parody movie (with her final scenes in porn) is dropping on March 12th…hopefully you’ll post that when it drops ASAP.

  26. `RANKS says:

    can you repost the Kiara Mia tennis scene thanks

  27. tre says:

    Can I get a reup on this 1 please!

  28. ghabawa says:

    Pinky is legend

  29. Sealortay says:

    Pinky need to drop that mandingo scene and stop fuckin around and at least realese a comeback dvd or something.