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  1. John says:

    brazilianbigbutts.com got a new model called MadamButt getting fucked. Finally this dude is getting new models for his site.

  2. z8g says:

    Many of these girls are cam girls. This one confirms it.

  3. bootywarier says:

    Monica Santhiago. Not sure if its new.

  4. Mebigdeez says:

    Rfm can you re up the Luciana scene from megabootylatinass in the next wave I’m dying inside for missing it

  5. George says:

    Hey RFM, I got a k2s account, but lately been wanting to switch to Rapidgator. But every time I attempt to purchase a premium account my card get declined. Do you know how to fix that?

    • I’m not 100% sure… some cards just have issues purchasing rapidgator… some don’t… I don’t know if it’s an international thing… Or, what…

      I’ve heard of people contacting them, trying different cards or one of the numerous other options they have… Bitcoin, Applepay, Paysafecard, Googlepay, etc…etc…

      Everyone might as well get used to finding other pay options anyways… No telling what the internet will be a year, or 2 from now with all of this bullshit the powers are talkin’ about… We’ll probably have to jump through all kinds of hurdles to get the same internet we are all used to.

      As a last resort, going through a rapidgator reseller (which I kinda hate, TBH… because, in MOST cases) Assoholics gets NO LOVE from doing that… ) is another option… & Not all resellers are created equal… make sure you do your homework, if you have to go that route.

  6. judah says:

    thanks for fulfilling this request!