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  1. JMG says:

    Not sure if you can use it fam, but here:

  2. jv says:

    the K2S link is not working

  3. Jack Purcell says:

    Does this link work for you, Uncle Real? If so, be my guest:

    • It’s not that… it’s SUPER easy for a k2s link to be created… I’m talkin’ about THIS website (assoholics) being able to host that particular site, via k2s… For whatever reason, there are certain sites that k2s isn’t a fan of hosting. I’m sure people will still host it on k2s, but you’ll find these being taken down a lil’ faster than other links.

      oh… and btw… THAT link is already dead too – lol! But, I certainly appreciate ya efforts fam 😉 😉