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  1. ImIntoBooty says:


    Been a long time follower bro, thought I’d reach out and say keep the booties coming.

    Looking forward to this scene, but lately I feel like the camera men/women are not capturing her booty enough (pov, doggy, etc)! If I happen to catch a glimpse of banging shot I have to hit A/B and repeat those few seconds. Hopefully it gets better!

    • I agree… I be feeling the SAME way about ALOT of scenes… A couple of my “Go to” scenes I have on my 6 edge+ I’ve altered by looping the parts I like a few times over… lol!

  2. iLuvRyanSmiles says:


  3. iLuvRyanSmiles says:

    Love Virgo!!

  4. dos says:

    Virgo went from a no hardcore porn policy to doing 10 scenes a month lmao

  5. Hov says:

    RFM, Do you have that new,Meyssa Milan, from http://cherokeedass.com/tour/index.php?

  6. OmegvShenron says:

    Hey RFM, Can U get these scenes from brazilianbigbutts.com. This chick’s name is WatermelonButt and her azz is redonkulous. Check the trailers, fam.


  7. Ozymandias7 says:

    Gotta say, Virgo’s not the one to be focusing on her face too much lol

  8. jizzus says:

    having trouble finding this. think you can help RFM?


    Ellie Springlare first anal SZ1398

  9. pawg lover says:

    @RFM I’ve just found out Mylie Moore has several new clips as a BBW on C4S. Would you mind posting a few?

  10. Pedazo says:

    New Virgo Peridot’s scene at “Lucy Heart Booty” clips4sale.

  11. Hugo75 says:

    Hey boss not sure if you know of her but look into Mallory Sierra and tell me what you think. Her body crazy and all her scenes that shes put out have been A1. She does a lot of scenes with the Lady Fyre chick too.