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Virgo Peridot and Valentina Jewels meet in the oddest way possible but end up being great friends at the end. Both of them bring JMac a birthday cake to surprise him and find each other first instead. They find out that Mac is with both of them at the same time and the girls are not liking it at first until they both notice that they both have big asses. They noticed why JMac likes them both and they start things off by shaking their asses and going down on each other before JMac walks in the room. They both team up to suck and fuck his cock until he got to spread his load on both of them.

(Ass Parade)

  1. apollo246 says:

    I hope it’s a hit, two of my favorites here. J mac though…..not been feeling him of late. He seems to be in practically every recent scene from bangbros. Think they need to get some more male talent on stream. Additionally, they need to get their camerawork and choice of sex positions sorted. They get all these grade A girls coming through but the scenes just don’t seem to deliver. Hope this one’s different.

    • Yeah, I never thought Jmac was wack… But, I’ve never really been a fan *pause* ….

      I love that Bangbros actually makes a decent effort, as a main stream porn site, to get women that are actually thick… I know, they fuck up with some of the women that they classify as “ass parade” … But, overall… Decent job.

    • Grateful Lurker says:

      All these Florida based studios use the same people and it becomes glaringly obvious once you start paying attention. Kind of takes you out of it tbh

    • Camron301 says:

      Hopefully this doesn’t end up like the scene with Virgo Peridot and Alexis Andrews, was highly requested but came out to be lackluster when it dropped.

    • bob says:

      Jmac is the best performer from Miami, other guys that Bangbros uses are super lame, except Sean Lawless, he’s good. Btw, they shot 3some with Rose Monroe, Julianna Vega and Jmac yesterday.

  2. apollo246 says:

    Yeah, i take your point. At least they make an effort to get the type of girls we like to see on their site, gotta give em props for that.

  3. bootywarier says:

    Scenes dropping on the 18th

  4. BSD says:

    Friends –

    Looks good to me. The girls look great. As long as the entire scene doesn’t stay in the kitchen. It’s okay as a premise or a setup, but don’t want the whole fuck scene there. Or in bathrooms. UGH! I think that Jmac is a servicable, porn stick. Yeah, he is in a lot of scenes. But on balance I think he is a good performer.


  5. apollo246 says:

    Yup, I totally agree with you on that 100% RFM, that’s why whenever I can, i like to give them props either on forums like this or on twitter and the like. You get the definite impression that in certain mainstream porn sections these girls are pressured into changing their body types into more streamlined figures under the guise of better marketability. Not to guys like us, we like em just the way they are.

  6. Joe R says:

    RealFastMustang could you email me? I have a bunch of content that could you can use for your website.

    • Nah, if you want to share anything… just drop the links in the comments… I see the comments, before anyone else.

      If you choose to… I appreciate it… if not, thanks for comin’ thru…

  7. kilgoretrout says:

    im with ya.. im a white dude so i dont like IR scenes so much.. not a race thing whatsoever.. just cuz i (probably all of us) like to imagine myself boning the talent.. in a POV kind of fantasy.. and yea Jmac is a good male pornstar.. but hes in literally every fucking scene.. also i love bbws but i think virgo was better when she was a little thinnerr.. i dont mind her at this weight at all but i liked her proportions better in her early shakinit.com videos… that said.. still stoked for this scene.. and yea about the kitchen shit.. i get the fantasy too.. but i appreciate when they move it into the bedroom so we can see the positions and show off their assets.. the whole “sneaky” “risky” whatever bullshit is a turn on but not for the whole scene.. rant over

  8. tomgos says:

    Is it me or Virgo got thicker?

    I am not a fan of Valentina, but at least her friend Marcy Diamond is not on the video

    • Damn, NOT a fan of Valentina?? First time I heard that…

      Care to explain why?

      • tomgos says:


        Not being a fan doesn’t mean I hate her, she doesn’t just call my attention.
        Your site caters a wide range of tastes and there is not a single pornstar everyone here is a fan of.

        if you want a rational explanation: it is her fake boobs, skinny legs and her ass not being big enough for my particular taste. (compare Virgo’s 47″ against Valentina’s 42″)

        On your post from October 3 someone named “that dude” wrote “danm [sic] .. smh”.
        maybe I am not the first one who doesn’t like her AND writes about it.

    • Kaleboy says:

      I like valentina more than virgo these days but virgo still lit.

  9. MSpeed says:

    They’re going to hit just like the Patriots.

  10. bigtymer says:

    Definite co-sign on the comments about J-Mac. Nothing personal, but he’s kinda worn out his welcome now, lol. He actually used to be one of my favs. But for some reason, it gets old seeing the same male talent over and over for years and years. I think his first scene was legit like in 2004 or something lol. It takes you out of the scene, even if he’s actually doing a decent job fucking. They definitely need a new crop of male talents. Unfortunately the newest dudes they added are the guys who look like high schoolers. Not a fan of that direction. I think they may be changing gears tho, cause on Bangbro’s twitter they just showed off a new signee, a black dude who is more traditional porn archetype.

    You know one dude who I was really a fan of? The black dude who did a few scenes a couple years ago with Bangbros and Industry Invaders. He was in a Bangbros Scene with Adriana Maya called “Watching Adrian Maya in the Shower”. His Industry invaders scenes were the one with Violet Vasquez “No Trade Clause”, and with Miss Raquel in a cheating housewife scene. He was also the dude in Rharri Rhound first Industry Invaders scene back when she first came out and was called Rhonda Round. Could never find the dudes name but he had a hell of a short run.

    • Kaleboy says:

      I think that dudes name is scorpio?

    • Kaleboy says:

      nevermind, thats not the guy. But yeah I don’t know what happen to him he was pretty good. He definitely did his thing with katt garcia and nina kayy

    • FlickFlak says:

      How can you have this nuanced of views and care this much about the male in a straight porn scene? I’d understand if the male hogged screen space or didn’t try hard enough, because that affects the visibility of the broad and her performance (i.e., a doggy without any deep smashing action’s boring). But you said nothing about the performance of the girl. You just evaluated the guy. I’m probably not the only one who’s confused reading this and I’m not trying to cause nothing. It’s honest curiosity.

  11. Daedalus says:

    First off, the hit-or-miss issue. Personally, I tend to skip threesomes in general and the ones with two chicks are no exception. IMHO, one of the girls usually gets stuck playing second fiddle to the other one.

    However, in a wider perspective, threesomes tend to garner relatively substantial interest among porn viewers and if that can fuel further demand for these two on BangBros and beyond I’m all for it.

    As for the issue regarding male talent: Yeah, I agree that JMac’s omnipresence on BangBros has started to rival Keiran Lee’s ubiquitousness in damn near everything Brazzers release. But I personally don’t mind, since that means I get a break from the incessant casting of Mick Blue, Manuel Ferrara, and Markus Dupree in pretty much everything else. Those three individuals appear to have practically cornered the male talent market in most of the major sites/studios.

    *shrugs* But that seems to be the way the industry operates these days: A comparably large lineup of women gets rotated amongst various networks featuring a fairly small pool of male talent.

  12. Snga says:

    Bro check this website they have some scenes with virgo and castro in a cruise you might want to check it out


    plus there’s a scene on MAGICPRODUCTIONSINCdotcom with virgo and bangxx

  13. apollo246 says:

    After watching this I have mixed feelings. Both girls look great especially virgo, she was absolutely delicious. As far as the fucking was concerned it was ok but not compelling enough for me. Valentina is usually very energetic but didn’t really seem that in this scene. Virgo is usually a laid back type girl who depends more on her partner’s energy and let’s him take control. She’s more of a lay there and fuck me type, she loves getting fucked. That’s not a problem if you have a male star who can get the girl into the right positions and who has great energy. I’m sorry but J mac seemed to be missing that here. For one, the girls seemed a bit uncomfortable in the positions they were in when in the kitchen. Virgo seemed like she was about to slip off the chair at one point. Imo, if the girl isn’t comfortable, you’re never gonna get the best performance out of her. I noticed something similar with the last britt james scene when she was on the ground in froggy position, she looked very uncomfortable and even in pain at one point judging by her facial expressions. When they moved upstairs, it still looked a bit awkward especially in the cowgirl position. It had that dick not all the way in the pussy look especially with Virgo,where the girl doesn’t sit right down on the dick. That’s usually so either if she can’t take all the dick or she feels she needs to support herself a bit more on the couch. I hope i don’t seem overly critical and i am pleased that bangbros are bringing us the big booty girls that we like but I think they still have work to do.

  14. blob says:

    Hey RFM sharing some old school anniha brazilian vids. Will be sharing some luana and hard to find vids later as well


  15. Mr. 30mins says:

    Anybody take a look at Valentina currently? She looks just ugh, dyed her hair blonde, and looks a little slimmer. Dammit..

  16. TxPimp says:

    Fuck I think Virgo face is beat, especially recently….. looks like she had a rough pass few years

    BUT holy shit that body, she is the true definition of thick…. its in her entire body from arms, shoulders, waist, and of course thighs and ass….. Fuck her body type is perfection, walking around like a little tank built for fucking.

    Her body def hit the genetic lottery.

  17. ASAP YAM$ says:

    that jmac dude is in every fucking scene but shit at least he lets the girls ride and work a little throw that ass back and e.t.c. I despise the jack hammer style huff and pump fucking that the rest of these dudes be doing with girls like Rose Monroe or even Ashley Barbie…. they need to get Charlie Mac or Lucas stone and the Mexican dude with the mavericks tattoo back on bangbros…

  18. ASAP YAM$ says:

    Virgo’s best scene on bangbros is the one with rico strong… the oil , the camera , angles… now if she shot another scene similar with the current weight she has… LAWD

  19. Leroy Jenkins III says:

    Pretty cool scene with two of the baddest in the game right now but man I’m tired of seeing Jmac in every fucking scene like he’s the only male talent that can put in work dude is way too overused