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  1. TeeGrizzlee says:

    She throwing that wagon love this BBW

  2. Mr. Nice Guy says:

    Bianca bom bom said she’s retiring 😞

  3. z8 says:

    I was thinking oh man….good video…wow…I am shocked….this is all good….then that MF turned his phone sideway. RIGGAHHHH. Sigh….can’t win with them lmao. Why don’t they get a tripod and an actual video camera? But… truth this is one of the better videos they have done in a while.

  4. Panthersfan85 says:

    Waste of talent dealing with this clown. She should’ve made a mainstream run a long time ago.

  5. P.R. says:

    Tru dat. He should get a real camera and spend a few bucks to hire a female to do the camera work. It’s worth it. Been there, done that. 🙂