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I invite Will Tile over for a fun fuck session. He gets out of the shower, having to wash off after our first round, and he sees you just standing there. It was bad enough that you let your wife fuck around on you, but you actually like to watch. So we both tease you as you see me take a real man’s cock for a spin. First I suck it, barely able to fit half of his thick 10in BBC in my mouth, but still loving every second of it. Drooling all down his dick until he can’t take it anymore and has to fuck me hard! So much better than you ever could, he starts with me doggy and then takes control with my hands behind my back. Finally putting me on my stomach, his big dick still able to pound my pussy even with my huge ass in the way. Takes a real big cock to be able to do that, but he does and I cum all over his dick. That isn’t nearly the end of it yet. I ride his dick and cum two more times before he puts my legs in the air and glazes my pussy with a giant, sticky load of cum! (role play, cuckolding, cuck the camera, POV cuckolding, blowjob, kissing, passion, pig tails, face fucking, ass slapping, pawg, butt spreading, thigh high stockings, thick thighs, topless, big tits, thong fetish, redhead, teasing, multiple positions, doggystyle, missionary, spread eagle, cum shot, cum on pussy, IR, big black cock, orgasms, bubble butt, booty bouncing, tits jiggling, close up pussy view)

  1. James says:

    Man her face is bad…but damn what a booty she got.

  2. apollo246 says:

    Now I’m one who is very hesitant about making comments about girls’ appearance in general or in porn where it’s something over which they have little or no control like their faces. If it’s stuff like fake asses and boobs well…… that’s another story. Having said that, i do understand how people might have issues with her face, i kinda had a similar reaction myself to be honest. Her general body is grade A+ for me though, not just her ass but her thighs etc. She’s an amazon princess in that respect, don’t know if she works out or if it’s just genetics but her muscle tone looks awesome. As far as i can tell, her body is all natural too and she handles dick without issue. I would prefer watching her than some of the other ‘prettier’ girls who don’t put in as much work.

    • Like I always say… For me, pretty comes last (in porn)… if everything from the neck down, is on point… I’m 100% on board…

      Sometimes a chicks body can be so bangin’… I’ll start lookin’ at her face, like… “it ain’t really that bad…”

  3. Yenofwu says:

    Face? Y’all looking at her face…

    She a 10+ to me….