1. that dude says:

    Maaaan. Kelly staxx said shes probly getting back into porn soon on her instagram. i freaking hope so because shes looking badder than ever. Ass is off the charts.

  2. bgswrx says:

    Madison Rose here was at her prime! Valentina Jewels would have reached this level. VJ could have surpassed her but that weight drop killed it!

    • camron301 says:

      I don’t think Kelli will be back shooting anything anytime soon, she’s got a regular job as a bartender now but I think she does still escort from time to time. She was in a real bad car accident a few months ago & had to get surgery because of it.

      I’m glad someone thinks the same about Valentina Jewels that I do, that weight loss basically turned me off from her lately.