more yourgirlblaze here!!

Im a bad girl, fucking my bestfriends man after going to pick her up for a night out and finding out she’s already gone without me! Revenge at its finest 😉 His cock looked so good in those sweat pants I couldn’t help myself put to deep throat his cock and fuck him silly

  1. kushafterdark says:

    Umm so wait, she crafted this description to imagine a dildo is her friend husband….? What in the name of stunt man is going on…. bad enough when they write BBC and its a dildo video, but best friend husband ? Bruh

    • Yeah… I thought the same thing… I mean, I understand it’s supposed to be some imagination type shit… However, when you’re coming up with these types of descriptions, it probably just means it’s about time to start REALLY fuckin’ & quit with the tease shit…

  2. apollo246 says:

    She’s got such a nice soft, pillow like bubble booty. Saw some stuff of hers somewhere else and was smitten, thanks for all her stuff you’ve been posting big man.

  3. DarkNight says:

    Had to free up some disk space for this ass here. Well worth it

  4. brodie23 says:

    yp RFM you kno randalin got some fuck videos out with her boyfriend can you get them

    • Well I still have her connectpal, & literally everything she’s putting on there has been pretty basic… low quality, small file sizes… short clips, minimal effort…

      Wake me up, when she does somethin’ on manyvids, worth buying…

  5. Devoted Viewer says:

    It’s very rare I envy a dilddo – this was one of those rare moments!

    This chix is fiyah right here! Just love a soft, watery azz – yummy!

    -Devoted Viewer

  6. nate says:

    yourgirlblaze>>>>>korina kova IMHO!

  7. mkai269 says:

    BabyBlaze needs to go into gym like seriously and She sucks and fucks this baby dick dude in some of her videos