1. King james says:

    Saved the best for the last. It makes me so happy when I see an update with blondie. The only classic white big ass left imo. It is just so fucking big, round, juicy! I’m living in europe and when I get to go to spain I will find her, pay whatever necessary and enjoy that ass till the last second. Put my tongue as deep in that asshole as possible, lick and kiss those fat cheeks and cum inside that ass as deep as I can. It’s really a shame how such a girl cannot be a big porn star…

  2. nate says:

    this update with blondie making me put her back in my Top 3 Pawgs alongside kelly divine and ryan conner!!!

  3. Keith says:

    So none of yall fuck with Sara jay?

    • I’m sure most people do… I know, I do… As I have a ton of scenes on this website, from her…. But, she’s not a top5 PAWG, for me… Definitely has a banging body… But, there are ALOT of better asses in the game.. IMO.

  4. hbkdx12 says:

    So glad she got rid of those damn braces. Them shits was fucking me up. Made her whole face look tragic

  5. Bruce Bane says:

    After Blondie started messing with the plastic surgery I’m not feeling her.

    Would rather have seen the other chick in the scene get it in.

  6. P.R. says:

    Damn! Did your girl add a coupla inches to that ass? If so, I ain’t mad at ‘er!

  7. pawglover says:

    In my book Blondie would have had a huge potential, had she stayed all natural… and probably she would have got naturally thicker with time, as it happens with a lot of girls as they age. Knowing that a girl’s curves are fake, especially when surgery is visible, is a huge psychological turn off for me. Perhaps it’s just me.

  8. Phat-Ass-Lovin-Fool says:

    Is it just me?

    …but I need (I mean really NEED!) to see Blondie in a “regular bedroom scene” situation. She’s got that thick booty meat, great ass/titty/waist ratio (bangin’ body) and her fuck-game has HOF potential.

    But sometimes these POV or “in public” scenes – although good -sometimes lack a lot of decent camera angles and lighting, so sometimes we REALLY can’t see what’s going on!

    Yes, dick going in pussy is good… but sometimes those wide angles… when you she a chicka’s ass bucked up in the air – ass up, back bent, head down, type-shit – with a dude pounding… you can see all those ass waves flowing from over the ass down into the waist area… bitch toes pointed… tryin’ to push buddy off da pussy when he find his stroke and hit too deep! The wide angle lets you see it all! I NEED DAT, SON!

    Get this girl in the states and get her in a room with some decent production quality and some proper male talent… somebody like Slayer, or better yet… ME! Just tryin’ to help out, fellas!

    One more thing: Ya’ll remember that HOF EPIC scene with Gina Vice and Nacho? That’s what I’m talking ’bout! Top 10 scene of all time!

    No question tho… Blondie is special. But ya’ll know the shelf life on these females. You blink… they’re gone. Get this girl some proper work!

    GREAT POST, RFM! Don’t get it twisted… you hold us down!

  9. latinbanger says:

    actually Blondie ain’t true PAWG, shes Hispanic girl from Argentina. Latin girls have the best Ass.