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  1. gmode says:

    Man I dont disrespect what people like. I hate people that does that.

    I just want to say I think yall dudes are over rating her cus she light skin. Straight up her booty shape is not shapely it’s big but it’s big in all the wrong places. Her ass dont pop out. I see dudes saying she top 3 all time.

    Go look up mowetta, go look up sugahill. She like hood pretty but she is the step below the As and its nothing wrong with that.

    Maybe I just like too much ass! I will say this she Carrie’s her weight great to be a outside chick. Some nights b nervous bout walking round wit a real big booty judy.

    But like I said I dont want people say I said she ugly she very attractive I love her work but let’s pump brakes on top 5.