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  1. Steve says:


    Is anyone else having issues accessing the website? cause I’m having a lot of trouble accessing your site on a computer/laptop only. I thought it was my firefox update at 1st but then I go on safari & use another laptop & it’s the same issue now for like 2 weeks & a half. It works fine on mobile though. I can’t see any images & or the layout design of your website. I thought it would be fixed by now but I’m wondering if it’s just me ?

    • Try to use Chrome… It seems to be happening for some people that are using Safari… it’s just a tough problem to fix, because it’s not happening to alot of people.

    • Son Goku says:

      I use to have the same problem awhile back and I figured out what the problem is. I use firefox as well, so whenever that happens, all you have to do is clear the cache and cookies. Visiting this site basically feels up the cache and cookies quicker then other sites/added to the usual internet browsing. So, the firefox browser basically just has to be reset.

      • Thanks for the heads up 😉 😉 😉

        • Son Goku says:

          Oh no prob, yeah, it took me a minute to figure it out cause I just thought the site was down or something but then after a few days I said. No, it can’t be because he would’ve fixed it by now and that’s when it hit me, oh, it must be the web browser/probably just needs to be cleared up etc.

  2. dsa says:

    It happens with edge, firefox, IE and safari. There must be some problem with website, not with our browsers…

  3. Will Alling says:

    Pound for pound, this one really stacks up, so I appreciate your posting it. I just wish we weren’t left in suspense about how it ends! But I’m guessing that maybe it would be too expensive to find out.

  4. Golden says:

    Are we ever going to get a shot on that ass