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  1. Nathan says:

    wouldn’t it be best to see Muva Phoenixxx back in action of the return of Pinkyxxx.com for example

  2. DarkNight says:

    Well… umm… Dude prolly has a 700 credit score.

  3. Gmode says:

    this bitch had the nerve to argu with me about this, she said everybody on spankbang that site out of all all the black dudes bash her so she going be exclusively fucking white dudes i said you going get peed on and spit on like gg she said so they wont bash me? lmao she is a dumb as broad how in the fuck she know these dudes black? cus they type some shit like how black people talk? but ill give her credit for one thing she understands that sites like spankbang will bring you business, as she has no problem them uploading her shit she see the traffic it brings.

    • Grateful Lurker says:

      I’m sorry, but you lost for arguing with a bird bro.

    • Origin says:

      That girl crazy. She be on reddit talking to fans and most of them be black fans talking about they love her.

      She even be going back and forth with the black fans on reddit cause some of them are her customers when she escorting. Black dudes even be posting picks on reddit when they met up with her.

  4. nate says:

    RFM, can you try and get that Mia Dior scene from

  5. Nathan says:

    Maybe we should have bunz4ever do a scene as well for pinkyxxx.com

  6. Nathan says:

    when do you think they might do a scene for pinkyxxx.com with Bunz4ever