1. gmode says:

    I dnt like how modern porn is emasculating the black male it seem like they go out it’s way to do so. Wtf up with that bk angle who the fuck wanna see. That? They know people watching her is there see bitch get smashed by BBC, not see a bbc from an feminine angle. Seem like they doing it for cucks.

    • This was my argument when people were asking me for Dickdrainers vids… I never understood the allure In seeing a woman’s face in/near a man’s asshole… But, apparently there MUST be a large demand for that type of shit. I try to post the screens to let people know what’s up.

  2. gmode says:

    I dont blame you my dude at all, I got the scene lol just skipping that shit. And exactly idk why the talent going along with it, it’s so emasculating they been emasculating us for years porn was where we could be big dick kings and shit, nd now they finding away take that from us.

    • Yeah, the shit is definitely weird… I just wonder what the demand truly is, for stuff like that… Because, I’m starting to see it randomly in ALOT of flicks.

      I promise you, I used to get DickDrainer request frequently & I just wouldn’t post ’em…

  3. OldSoul04 says:

    I agree with u @RFM…I guess the old school way of porn isn’t working anymore. I want to see the woman in every aspect and angle, not the dude.

  4. Josua says:

    Send you some new video’s

    -Lana Monroe
    -Antonia Suleiman


  5. BSD says:

    Friends –

    Rimming is a sex act. It has always been around, just not prevalent in porn. It is more common in porn now. But so are a lot of other things that didn’t used to be seen. Not all sex acts trip every individual’s trigger. I enjoy seeing women rim men in my porn. C’est la vie.

    “Emasculating”? Not for me. I’ve had two or three women rim or lick my ass, and I enjoyed it. And I felt anything BUT emascualted by the experience. My current squeeze is all about sucking my toes and tongue bathing my feet, and that made me more unsettled than her rimming me. But she likes it, I’ve gotten comfortable with her doin’ it, everybody happy.

    Hell, I more irritated by all the peeing I’m starting to see in porn than anything else.


    Hell, I’m more

    • Yeah, I’m never mad about what anyone is into in their personal life… But, even if I wanted a chick to lick my ass… I don’t think I’d necessarily want to watch another man have his ass ate in a flick… I could be wrong.

      • ReplierMeme says:

        IDC, i’m not watching another man act gay. And yes it is emasculating in the sense that it is trying to become mainstream and promote the gay agenda. If you feel so passionate about it, dont explain it to us in an essay just find your appropriate tags and move accordingly. Enjoy.

  6. Gmode says:

    The emasculating isnt the ring job, it’s the positions the have the men get in, it’s no reason for him be on all fours sticking his ass out like he twerking.
    Shane diesel got his ass kicked he didnt do that. Its ways things can be done I remember seeing Shane get a rim job years ago it’s been around but now its men getting in positions like a woman and the camera zooming in 5 10 min on his ass ass he got it up in the air.

    If you bi fine I dont know why any str8 man would want see a dude in a twerking position getting handled by a woman spreading his cheeks that’s too much that’s not str8 porn anymore cus if my jacking off it’s not like I’m seeing her lick bal lk s then ass it’s all ass and its spreading it and he bvb sticking his butt out like he is twerking for 10 min if I nut at that part.

    Then I butted looking at another dude ass from a position where you dont see nything but ass and asshole. That’s not str8 porn imo.

    If it must be done it shld be done with the man balls near face so she can lick balls nd ass nd I the view dont have see a man bent over hav ik ng his ass spreader 10 mins.

  7. BSD says:

    Friends –

    I think I got it. I think I understand what you are saying.

    A FEMALE, rimming a MALE, (which by definition is a heterosexual act no matter what physical positions they are in), some how speaks to the latent homosexual tendencies or urges of the male participant, and in the case of porn, those of the viewer as well.

    And also in the case of porn, the depiction of rimming between a FEMALE and a MALE is in reality an attempt to advance and promote some “gay agenda” on unwitting viewers.

    Okay. Makes no sense to me, but okay.

    Like I said before, if you don’t like ass-eating in your heterosexual porn, I get it. Personal taste and choice. But when you attach some homophobic slant and objection, to a natural sex act between a female and a male, that’s when I get lost.

    I have seen women and men rim each other in hundreds if not thousands of porn scenes. And despite that, I have never felt it was “gay”, or that I as a viewer was being pushed toward “gayness” by this activity in my heterosexual porn. I like seeing women rim men, especially in an interracial setting. If that was meant to awaken some homosexual stirrings in me, it didn’t work. And since I’m closer to the end than I am to the beginning, I guess I’m gonna die a “straight” heterosexual.

    Now all the cuckold stuff that I REALLY hate in my porn… THAT’s another story.


    Play on playas. It’s just porn.


  8. TxPimp says:

    If you worrying about being emasculated in porn… I think you got some deeper issues

    Porn is just a fucked up industry, they highlight fucked up shit and run with it….

    the black slave fucking the shit out of the white slave owner wife or daughter = no issue

    the thug black guy fucking the shit out of a racist father daughter while she wears the fucked up flag = no issue

    most, if not all black performers having massive dicks = no issue.

    the cuck always appearing to be some weak sad white dude – no issue

    porn companies telling white/asian pornstars to fuck black dudes at first = no issue

    the one time a black guy appears to be in a weak position/questionable position = ISSUE

    ….. this just seems like an odd point to draw the line of porn having some kind of morals.

  9. ayo says:

    Yea I’m not into watching another man rim, but we have to think that sometimes this shit isn’t about just us watching it. Some people are just into that shit.

    The real emasculating shit is watching a women put two dicks in her mouth at the same time. Like how do men come back from that? Like what do you and the other dude talk about after that? How do you dap another nigga up after that?