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  1. Son Goku says:

    Hey bro, got some more for you and the fam of Mistress. Enjoy


    • Son Goku says:

      Meant to put, 2 are of her other new content as well as 1 that is still recent. I’m sure the fam will enjoy these very much. I love how she is just going all out now with sex scenes. Like we talked about before, allot of these females just need to drop there lame azz boyfriends. Lol, I know that sounds selfish but they either keep us from seeing them have sex or if they do a scene. We get a Tiffany Dayz situation. Dude is being mad selfish, she would blow up.

      • jay says:

        Goku is the black guy her boyfriend cos she seams to be only doing sex scenes with only him.

        • Son Goku says:

          It’s ironic that you asked that right when I gave him vids of her with other guys. I could be wrong but I don’t think so. To be honest, I just think they enjoy their chemistry sexually. It’s funny that even in porn, like in real life, we could be with a lot of people and there are certain people where there’s just that chemistry in the bedroom. I actually use to think that Mz Dani and Mazee were together as much as they do scenes together but I think what I just said applies to those two too as well. You know what, this just hit me. What it might actually be and this ties into the chemistry thing. It could be the the interracial thing/taboo part of it.

          There is just something about having sex with a white girl man. That whole where psychologically we know it’s still forbidden, takes the sex to another level. Maybe it’s because I’m REALLY into white girls but I enjoyed it in a ways with all the white girls I’ve been with that I didn’t with the black girls I’ve been with. Kissing, licking that porcelain skin. Your bodies intertwined, seeing your two colors compliment one another, watching your black equipment go inside that white pussy, bruh, it is something.

          • yeah, I’ve found that it’s always MORE entertaining to kick it with ALOT of different complexion girls. Each one makes the other one even better. All different flavors.