1. Rob says:

    Killer scene, last minute and a half with his cumface is hilarious.

  2. Golden says:

    I would nut the second those two bitches took their clothes off.

  3. BossManStellie says:

    Boring, the dude was basically a zombie and had no energy lol. Half way died at the end lmao

  4. Mr. Bojangles says:

    Scene could’ve been better with different male talent

  5. Nathan says:

    now I’m gonna have to agree with Mr. Bojangles that scene could’ve been a little bit better and if they do another scene for Pinkyxxx they should have done a scene with Bunz4ever and Rob Piper for the new scene on Pinkyxxx.com

  6. boi1nda says:

    He’s actually a good talent. the ish is ladies can barely last long fucking this dude cos he’s too big. More so he takes way too long before you can get a cum shot from brickzilla. Most ladies beg for him to jerk off for a cum shot on scene.