1. Thickladiesonly says:

    she has potential but her shooting person has worse and bbad angles nobody wana watch shit that close we want distance we wana see her bodly nice from DISTANCE its not in 80s here to put the camera too close to prove to us yall really fucking

    directors or shooting guys you should change especially big companies .. congrats to some individual actors kno to put good angles and distance

  2. Steve says:

    check your email fam

    • I saw it.

      Feel free to send what you want to… & if you send me something I haven’t already posted, I don’t mind you putting in a request for something new from her. I’ll get it.

  3. Monsta says:

    She is so bomb!!!! If Sochy gets on this hardcore shyt I will literally pass out. RFM any updates on Sochy Squirts?

    • I fucks with Sochy, but.. think I’m rockin’ with Amorazz WAY more than Sochy…

      I haven’t checked SacredBooty in a couple months… Hopefully, they have some new updates…