It was just another day hanging out on Biscayne at our new condo. My main man stallion was preparing to go to LA in the morning and that’s when he stumbled across Ryan smiles IG account . I told him Ryan was a close friend and if he wanted to meet her all he had to do was say the word. Well he said many words most of them were “damn” “bitch” and a few other inaudible British bits of gibberish. Nonetheless I let him know I could have Ryan smiles over faster than the Pizza Hut man. He thought I was bullshitting but he l led me well enough to know I don’t do much of that. Watch this amazing Ryan smiles scene it was almost looked over lol. TBH we were just chilling this was not a scheduled “shoot” or anything I think I shot half the video with my cell phone lol shit is amazing don’t miss it !!!!!

  1. Smitty says:

    I hate indurtyinvaders, the way they camera set up. CANT I JUST GET A BIG BOOTY DOGGYSTYLED FROM THE BIRDS EYE VIEW.??!! Thats why i fux wit urbanAm and msnympho site, they got the good pov doggy style angles.

  2. Just when my k2s literally expired…bruh…

  3. Zay says:

    LAWWWWWD, thanks RFM.

  4. camron301 says:

    It’s about time she shot another scene, guess the II owner took her off the stroll long enough to shoot again lol.

  5. nate says:

    GOT DAYUM RYAN SMILES, thats all I got to say!!!

  6. Josua says:

    Can you please upload Crystina Rebecca Rossi Connectpal

  7. Devoted Viewer says:

    I still find it amazing that for me, Ryan trumps Virgo in these videos – that perfectly soff & FLUFFY ass of hers WINS BIGLY in my book!


    -Devoted Viewer

  8. Txspy says:

    Fuck her ass is unreal, you know that shit is 100% natural. Best NATURAL pawg in the game? Her barely dropping any content is def helping imo. What yall think?

  9. Gio says:

    Does II allow you to download scenes?

  10. bussdown says:

    Yea you can tell this scene was shot months ago industry invaders just be holding on to scenes forever but she died her hair blonde I hope they put this one up because they shot a new one with her

    • I hope… But Industry Invaders seems like they’ve been slowing down ALOT, over there…

      • camron301 says:

        Girls have stopped fucking with them because the owner either doesn’t want to pay them fairly and he’s been pimping some of them (Ryan Smiles, Evie Olson, Jayla Foxx in particular) out around the country. Can’t get too many south Florida chicks that wanna work with them anymore.

        • industryinvaders says:

          are you a porn informant ???? where the fuck are you getting this info lmao !! we can shoot whomever we want whenever we want. To be honest we are still testing a lot of different things so we have not been just trying to throw content out that doesnt stick. just now we have over 150 unreleased scenes with damn near every girl in south florida

          quit spewing bullshit

          • derpwtf says:

            Testing a lot of different things? lol how about you fix your website before you experiment with anything. Half of your videos don’t even work on your website. Also your “testing” has yielded no results and your twitter is dying.

  11. Booty Brigade says:

    Man, them cats got so much wattage inside that room you’d think they tryna light the yard at Rikers or something

    Ass is still kicking tho

  12. Yeah Industry Invaders got blasted by Ryan before on twitter, she was absent and popped back up on their site again. Somebody always running the wrong ones off from being the GOAT they could be.

  13. pawg lover says:

    Ryan is in my top 3 pawgs EVER, she’s got a NATURAL ASS that some girls can’t get even after surgery. PHIRE!

  14. letsshoot says:

    need re up

  15. kushafterdark says:

    The irony of this post? Ryan Smiles is back on social media. And that means she will have some content again soon