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  1. Mr. 30mins says:

    So who you taking fellas? I’m going with my wife. Virgo can get hers afterwards with her face burrowed in the pillow.



  3. King James says:

    Scene could be so much better. The scene is so complicated. No ass worship, walking etc. Only the doggy part and last part was good, but you got 2 ass goddesses and this is what you can make of it? I can’t imagine how the scene would be if Mike Adriano, Christ Strokes or Jules Jordan would be directing/playing….

    • True… and they need to actually shoot these scenes in 4k nowadays… or AT LEAST true 1080p.

      But, putting all that aside… It was a VERY good move on Invaders part, to that these 2 together.

  4. ohWORD says:

    One of the best scenes I’ve seen in a min. These 2 bodies are crazy. I liked Ryan’s(no homo shit just sound weird even though that’s her name) ass better than Virgo. Her ass got a little more jiggle and bounce to it when she ride and doggy. Seem like Virgo ass bounce better when she just shake it, can’t bounce like it does when she ride.

  5. pawg lover says:

    II just filmed one of the most epic pawg duos ever, props to them. As usual, however, their video quality is crappy. Virgo & Ryan need to be filmed together again by one of the major studios out there and it will instantly be one of my top 3 scenes evah!

    • I agree totally…. Props to IIV for the setup.. But, that quality is trash. This in true 1080 or higher would have bee that work!!

    • Fandral says:

      The problem with Industry Invaders video quality is that they keep on using the Baseline Level AVC/H264 , which is one of the lowest (if not the lowest) levels for that codec. HD videos should always use Main or High Level, which give cleaner visuals and much better compression. Also, they are using a fixed bitrate of 3000 kbps, which is too low for Baseline. If they were using High Level, they might get away with it, but 720p videos should be 4000-5000 kbps minimum, IMO.

      The fact that they are stream only might have something to do with it, as streams generally have inferior quality to downloads (in most cases, anyway). But, there’s no reason why they can’t have better quality, especially. I don’t really need (or want) 4K, but I’d like to see them put out high quality along the lines of Blacked, who are second to none when it comes to quality.

      As for this scene, both ladies looked good, but the other poster was right about Ryan’s ass—that shit was bouncing all over the place during her cowgirl ride—dayum!

  6. candidbootys says:

    Any chance of a re-up for rapid gator I missed this one? And are RFM is your membership still active on my site I want to do a shout out for ms round cake the world needs to see her ass

  7. jack says:

    Hi guys, does somebody have the video from industry invaders “the real calle ocho latin porn” with allison banks? could you please upload?!