1. Jay says:

    She’s officially made the jump now….If I ever go to cali I gotta backpage this hoe. Thanks for upping this.

    • Always welcome bro!

    • nate says:

      @Jay, are you telling me victoria cakes is on backpage in cali?! i live in cali

    • chris says:

      I think she used to call herself Memphis but I don’t rember what city on backpage. I’ve been following her since she was calling herself royaltyfresh007 on instagram. I saw one of her pics had her number cropped off (but not competely) so I reverse image searched and found her backpage.

  2. MrBitche$ says:

    That ass though

  3. Kenny says:

    OMG, this video is pure gold. When she was trying on those tight clothes was so fucking hot with that big ass. Bangbros knock it out with this one.

  4. Radric Davis says:

    Pinky should have her own series on bangbros since shes putting all these bitches on. Imagine bangbros camera/filming/hd + new girls and real homies that can pipe em (unlike this vid) should of gotten rico or something…

  5. bootywarier says:

    damn this fake ass tend is getting out of hand. idk the discolored cheeks just dont look right to me.

  6. assoholics fan says:

    It seems Shorty Mac came out of retirement after looking at their newest Monsters Of Cock update. Unfortunately as with most SM scenes the chick isn’t fine. Hopefully they pair him with some thicker bitches if he’s gonna start doing scenes again.

  7. nate says:

    victoria cakes might do reality kings next, just like the other big ass booties did like chanel staxxx, diamond monroe and diamond mason

  8. DaSilverSurfer says:

    Bootywarier, gotta cosign you on that the modification on her body is sooooo blatant I can’t rock with it. Victoria Cakes is just too over the top, doing way too much and trying way too hard for me.

    Gotta at least give Pinky some props tho, that Frankenstein factory she got she chicks from gotta making a major grip for her. It’s getting like a circus right now, chick ain’t even trying to be subtle or hide the surgeries. It’s Barnum and Pinky’s Circus out chea. lol

  9. Radric Davis says:

    check this chick called ThickRed3X bruh bruh

  10. Bigmike22 says:

    That fake ass is ridiculous.

  11. Moe says:

    Yall notice how bangbros doesn’t feature black girls anymore. They actually feature more black men than woman which I think is weirdly homo. I dont get what goes through their mind. we miss big booty.

  12. bigg_e says:

    Victoria Cakes booty looks like its been used as a punching bag.

  13. buford says:

    yep she on backpage as memphis