1. Rob says:

    ???Spicy J is the biggest tease in porn history

  2. assoholics fan says:

    This is how many scenes she’s been in without actually fucking? Get the hell out of the scene if you aren’t actually going to fuck.

  3. Blackcloud1492 says:

    Thank you for uploading this video. I don’t mind Spicy J not taking the D given how hard Miss Raquel took it. Thanks for all the work you put into this website. Could you re-upload Miss Raquel’s scenes? She is one of my favorite performers on the internet. Thank you.

  4. Moe says:

    Shes annoying as shit and yet simps continue to feature her and pay her for nothing

    • Seems like Bangbros are the only dudes that really even cast her… I can’t even be mad at em either… They probably realize dudes would rather see her do anything, instead of nothing.

    • Nino Brown says:

      Simps lol.. Who you really think is seeing the lion’s share of that money?

  5. zxc16 says:

    This girl is just pissing me off… 🙁

  6. Zaza says:

    Bruh I could’ve came by just hearing the audio with no video. Raquel is so god damn nasty with her dirty talk lol.

  7. trae says:

    She must be on contract with bang bros they the only dudes cast her and why don’t she ever get smashed she should just be a stripper full time

    • yeah… she’d be better off being on some Molly Cavalli type shit… & just have “Spicy’s Life” … Hopefully with ALOT more strap on & dildo riding work though…

  8. Mr. 30mins says:

    This bitch still hijacking hardcore shoots? Stop it man. Go shoot some lez porn and shove a strap up your pussy. Or is even that too much? Understandable the pain she inflicts on you guys.

  9. ohWORD says:

    Spicy J’s man won’t let her get smashed in any scenes. The numbers being tossed at her to do a scene got to be CRAZY. She has a shower video with Raquel from the camsite just letting her shove the toy in her but won’t take no real D….

  10. Rob says:

    If Spicy J do a hardcore it will break the internet

  11. BSD says:

    Friends –

    I’m so over Spicy J’s nonsense. I keep on steppin’ when I see anything with her name on it.


    • Don’t lie fam… you take a QUICK look first – to see what’s up…

      THEN, you MIGHT keep steppin’ 😉 🙂

      -I ain’t even gon’ front… as much as I want to keep it moving… I HAVE to watch whatever she does… AT LEAST once…

  12. Damien says:

    I thought Spicy having HIV or Aids was the reasons she doesn’t do hardcore?

    Hell I didn’t even know she was doing lesbian at this point.