Gigantic Brazilian Ass Virginia

Posted: 4th February 2019 by RealFastMustang in assoholics, DAMN, latin fire, PHAT ASSES
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  1. Steez says:

    Dope! Do you have Safira?

  2. Tmef5 says:

    Wonder where she vanished too….should head down 2 Brazil and file a missing persons report on this broad

  3. apollo246 says:

    She’s got a few scenes, i got a few more, gotta search for em though.

  4. Easystreet says:

    Another old school classic! U killing em!

  5. prezhall says:

    yooo this used to be one of my “closer” scenes (Mariano Rivera) ……looking forward to watching again. Im curious how it will match up to the asses that we have today.

    Remember that one onion booty scene with that super bad ass chick from brazil? fuck i dont remember her name

  6. z8g says:

    Ha. She didn’t vanish totally. She has popped up on bubbling butt club and on the BBL (or the other similar sites) with a mask on.

  7. z8g says:

    And man. Safira? Might have had to save her lmao. Damn she was fire. I keep hoping she will pop up at some point. But no luck.