Super Thick Julie Ginger (Plumperpass)

Posted: 30th January 2019 by RealFastMustang in BBW, squirters
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Another gorgeous day in Vegas with the lovely SSBBW Julie Ginger. Julie wanted to show her boyfriend a good time, so she bought some new lingerie. It´s hot and it shows off her huge tits, and her huge belly. That´s when things got hot and heavy with Indiana Bones. They decided to take it to the bed where Indiana fucks her in every position possible. There´s plenty of titty fucking and messy dick sucking for all to enjoy. Nothing like watching a huge girl bounce up and down as she gets fucked properly. Enjoy this one. Good Stuff.

  1. BSD says:

    Friends –

    I gotta come correct. I really like Julie Ginger and I’ve been on her from the start. She has such a pretty face and a sweet personality. And I’ve launched some loads to her. But I wince when I see her now. I loves me some thickums, chubbies, plumpers, and bbws, but this is a whole ‘nother thing and I’m gettin’ concerned for her. In her first few scenes with BBW Highway she just glowed, and I was sprung. But as time went on and she kept gettin’ bigger and bigger, I was thinkin’ “This is not good.” Yes, she started out as an ssbbw, but now this has just gotten completely out of pocket, and all I see now is concern for this girl’s health. I got the same way with Erin Green. When they get to this point, I just can’t watch them anymore without thinking about their health. Maybe I’ve just become a sensitive puss in my old age. These girls ARE people. Smile. – BSD

  2. Tb588 says:

    This s th ? Point she messin up now cus of positionin this scene was her best positioned scene where u see her ass, she needs a big dick to fuck her tho these average guys just dont show good only problem i have

  3. Jrs says:

    Yeah, I thought she was getting more belly fat. Think it might be water retention.

  4. kushafterdark says:

    Site dubbed my original comment. Yall comments got me dead. RFM want her eating more salads, son said her weight gain impeding his motivations. Bruh. Y’all hilarious. Eliza Allure need to chill out and Mal Malloy baby daddy a whole bitch. Ain’t no way I’m making a baby with her and she ain’t doing PORN WITH ME next or nothing.

  5. Tmef5 says:

    Deleted the shit immediately 4 real…she looking like every other white ssbbw now. When your stomach sticking out more than ya ass we gotta problem.

  6. Grateful Lurker says:

    Fuck all that other shit. Keep the hogs coming.

    • I’m always keeping BBW’s in rotation…. Big girls just need to keep their ratio is check… if you put on 40lbs and the inches on ya tits, legs, ass have barely changed… it’s BEEN time to make a lifestyle change… There are girls that are (technically) bigger/heavier than Julie, but look better/healthier… Like Asshley, for example… Or even pearaddiction or pearbooty …. Hell, I bet Jaba The Butt ain’t very far from her weight wise, but the distribution, makes it look amazing… Julie just looks a bit of a mess & I HATE speaking that about any woman.