BigCuties BoBerry

Posted: 17th August 2018 by RealFastMustang in BBW
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100+ scenes!

thanks jerzy!!

rapidgator / keep2share


  1. Jerzyfam says:

    NP bro, the least I can do for what you’ve been doing for us….i got most of the bigcuties if there interests….

  2. Ranks says:

    Wow,, is this the same jerzyfam use to follow you back in the day, ole skool site you had,, ,

  3. Tb588 says:

    God dam I’m in love wit this bitch

  4. P.R. says:

    Yo man! Props to jerzy. Keep ’em coming, bro!

  5. reggie says:

    oh man for a moment I thought she went hardcore… i got so excited.

  6. mister ten says:

    Where are the picture sets, bro ?

  7. bruh man says:

    Yo I’m all about thick but 564 is a bout 300 too much

    • Yeah, For my own personal taste… I have to agree… Generally, my ultimate attraction scale bracket, goes from about 160-250 (depending on height & dimensions) …HOWEVER… The fact that this chick can carry 600LBS around & still have somewhat of a shape is SUPER impressive… I’m more of a fan of a SSBBW chick like Asshley, over women like Boberry… But, my issue with both is that they just seem to be SSBBW’s that try their best NOT to do anything… So, I never end up actually keeping any of their vids.

      & Asshley is actually flames for an SSBBW chick (IMO) … But, I probably kept 3 of her vids outta the 100’s that I’ve downloaded.