Kink: Barbary Rose

Posted: 12th July 2018 by RealFastMustang in DAMN, PHAT ASSES, super pawg

make sure you check screens, before downloading…
was hopin’ this Barbary chick would actually have an active career…

rapidgator / keep2share

  1. GeeBee3000 says:

    I had to check my screen a few times and then I downloaded it. This should be interesting.

    • It just pisses me off… because, every year we get these chicks with bangin’ bodies… and then, they either waste their time doin’ goofy shit like pegging dudes, smashin’ trans people, or gettin’ whipped… and then they just disappear… & I just have to sit back and think… So, you felt better doin’ ALL of this awkward shit on camera…?? Instead of just makin’ a full Bangbros, Brazzers, NA, RK, (Hopefully Blacked)… run???

      Proxy used to piss me off too… But, at least she’s was actually fuckin’ dudes (granted TOO many of them, at ONE time….) But, eventually she did some normal shit…

  2. Dynomite says:

    Yes. She should be getting piped down proper.

    Yes. A brother like CJ or Rico would deal with that as for real.

    BUT! If I have to watch a tranny, I’d only watch one doing stuff like this anyways..