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Big-boobed Anastasia creampied Anastasia pussy creampied.

  1. P.R. says:

    Who is this guy? He’s been gettin’ a lot of ass lately and puttin’ out those vids. Has he been doin this from back in the day and I just don’t remember him or has he just popped up on the porn scene? Ol’ dudu must have some cash stashed away 🙂

    • Yeah, I was ALWAYS thinkin’ the same thing… Dude must have some cake chillin’ somewhere… and said fuck it… I’m smashin’ ALL my favorite pornstars, filmin’ that shit & flippin’ the paper up… Not a bad way to live your last couple of decades out… Especially, If you ain’t got family like that… Shit, even IF you have family… It STILL doesn’t sound like a bad idea…lol!

  2. JonnyB says:

    More power to him, respect if he’s got it like that. But he could have a better product and more buyers if he did some things differently. Like a lil more solo-tease stuff. You never get to see the girls without him also in the picture. It’s shot like he is the star performer instead of the girls being the focal point. A few minutes of intro solo or lesbian action, or even full scenes of solo/lesbian would make the sites better, I think.