Sofia Rose Fucks Massuese

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Sofia Rose, every mans dream. Intelligent, attractive, massive proportions, hard working business woman hires a recommended masseuse. As the massage commences, Sofia becomes increasingly more attracted to the masseuse. He offers a special massage which Holly accepts. This then builds into foreplay then very passionate sex

  1. Buddha says:

    Yo man can u get that new dippnd n redd scene off of bbwhighway and also mane I must say your doing your thing on this site bro your the true definition of the plug

  2. Grateful Lurker says:

    This JeanClaude dude uploading his video in 5 minute parts like it’s 2006 Youtube. SMH…

  3. chyneeze says:

    Always luv the way your on point for anything Sofia Rose!

  4. Leroy Jenkins III says:

    Anything Sofia Rose drops I’m copping she’s one of the all time best bbws. RFM can you please grab some of the updates on Jeff’s models there’s some great bbws on there recently. Thanks for the great content.

  5. Son Goku says:

    Thanks for this pimpin. Appreciate it.

  6. damez says:

    Something about this girl ….yes shes fat but still bad as hell

  7. Jrs says:

    She’s going to be missed when she retires in 2 years.

  8. Funkyship says:

    I guess she just had a lot of plastic surgery done including liposuction so we’ll see how she looks. I liked her as is but maybe the new Sofia will be even better.

    • I hope she GAINED weight, before she did the lipo… If she did that & got her stomach & arms done… she’d probably look amazing… Curves everywhere.

      • Son Goku says:

        She is still the weight that she was in her last Plumper Pass scene. Though that is still the heaviest weight she has ever been, these are also her words. The only work she had done was on her stomach. Smh, I was going to make a comment a week or so ago about this but at the same time I didn’t want to waste my energy on it because I felt like I was giving her exactly what I believe her intent was. What I mean by that is, as much as I like Sofia, I think I’m starting to see what some guys on here were talking about. I wouldn’t go as far as to say she thinks she is the ish due to her popularity because based on her some very emotionally deep tweets etc, she seems like a very down to earth person. I will say what I believe it is(lol, now RFM don’t get mad)the Lebron syndrome. Making things more suspenseful than what they are to get validation for one’s own insecurities. Leading up to when she first revealed the news about her surgery about a month ago up till now, she still hasn’t fully disclosed what she had done.

        Based on some of the things she has said over the last few weeks, as far as what she is able to do now during her recovery and what some of her fans have said, you pretty much get the idea what it is but yeah. It’s like really, it’s actually sad really. As you sit there there read some of the comments, you can easily see how by not disclosing it, building up the drama like this in the NBA Finals, Super Bowl, Royal Wedding etc, (eventhough she said she would on the 5th of June has brought out more sympathy, support etc in people). This gives her/makes her feel a great level of importance. Like Lebron, they need this attention so bad that they miss how in what they also do opens the door for the negative but yet and still, deep down a part of them, though aren’t aware of it themselves loves it because it’s still attention. It’s not exactly like this but similar as far a glitch in the brain.

        Very similar to a martyr or the girl who keeps getting with the Ike Turner types but yet, always complains to her girlfriends how tired she is of these types, cries when he beats her, that she is going to leave etc and always turns down men who would actually treat her well. Lol, my female cousin is the poster child for the last thing I said but that is a different topic for a different day.

        • Son Goku says:

          Oh and 1 more thing to add. This is why Lebron and other men like this are called Divas because that need for validation for one’s own securities is more of a female trait. Now that doesn’t mean that Men don’t have insecurities but the fact that we are more logically driven, where women are more emotionally driven that gives us the ability to think it through, so that prevents us from acting/doing things backwards so to speak/being the cause of our own problems. Women’s emotions get in the way of logic so like one of my favorite lines from Jurassic Park 1 by Jeff Goldblum, well, there it is.

          • Nah, you 100% missed me with the Lebron comparison …. (And I’m sure you anticipated that, lol!)

            I have NO IDEA why people seem to have such an issue with this dude… Real shit.

            A black boy, coming from literllay NOTHING… mom’s constantly gettin’ evicted… and NOW, on his way to being a Billionaire, while making SURE all the people around him ALSO became wealthy…. How secure is that? Where’s the Diva in that?

            Dude seems to be an outstanding father & extremely involved in his kids lives… Where’s the Diva in that?

            From where I stand, Bron’s 2 jobs are to play basketball & take care of his kids… He seems to be doing both EXTREMELY well… No Diva detected…

            When I think of the term, “UN-selfish SUPER-STAR” … there ain’t too many to ever fit into that category… Bron is always trying to make sure his teammates eat, on the court… Where’s the Diva in that??

            So, I have to assume what you mean is…. Because WE as fans act like divas & CARE WAY TO MUCH about things that shouldn’t even matter to us… that somehow makes the dude capitalizing on that, the Diva?… nah… that makes YOU the buyer… and HIM the seller… But, that doesn’t make him a “Diva” … I don’t know much about Sofia Rose, but it also sound like she’s doing the same.

            I didn’t care about “The Decision” … But, I loved that he donated all the money to those kids… I DON’T care where these dudes choose to play a basketball game… I just want to see really good basketball, because I played the game… But, all the shit outside of the actual sport… I really couldn’t care less… If I see a dude making sure EVERYONE he grew up with get SUPER PAID… I see his kids doin’ BIG things, at young ages… His bank account becoming infinite, while clearly STILL being 100% aware of his Blackness… how could I call that a Diva?

            The way I see it… I think the the people that care so much about off the court shit… are the Divas themselves… Why give a FUCK about what Lebron tweets? Or, who he’s working out with?

            I’ve never really cared to look much into what a pornstar does, outside of the scene I am currently watching… And I certaintly don’t pay attention to what Sofia Rose is doing… But, if she feels she can capitalize on her fan base, by adding suspense… Or, whatever it is that she might be doing… All we have to do as fans is NOT CARE… and if we don’t have the ability, to NOT CARE… that says more about US, than it does her…

            Just like, people NOT being able to pay attention to every plane Lebron catches, or tweet he sends, or who he decided to have dinner with… If Bron chooses to capitalize on those clowns, and hand the money to his kids, or the boys & girls club, or whatever… That makes him intelligent, and it makes everyone else the dumb ass Divas… IMO.

            • Son Goku says:

              Now don’t take this personal by any means my friend but you sound like a typical fan. I won’t just say a Lebron fan but as a fan in general, sometimes we have a hard time seeing these things from the outside because we are blinded by our likeness in the person. It’s a glitch in the brain where of course we are going to look at the good things that person does or what we like etc, not wanting to look at the faults. Proof, you figure, I never said that everything about Lebron is negative. I was just talking about one particular flaw in which we all have but like Sofia Rose that is his. Stephen A as well as many others have said the same thing, in all of what you pointed yeah, those are the good things but just because you are a good father, come from nothing and all the other positive things you said, doesn’t remove what I’m talking about. So you ask what the problem is that we have, sometimes a person’s flaw can be so glaring or shall we say prominent, it over shadows everything else.

              That is what Lebron fan’s have hard time understanding in what we are saying where ya’ll think we’re saying everything about him is negative/ in which makes yall go into defense mode. Let me give you an example, keeping it in perspective of what I just mentioned. This is no different than shall we say a girl who may be fine. Have the skin tone you love(a general you), hair, body, has a good job, makes good money, independent, good mother and the list goes on but yet she is controlling. See where I’m coming from. I can give you another example, T.O. Terrell Owens. Now no homo, I love me some T.O, I like how he is confident in his ability, lol, sometimes too confident. How he can talk trash on the field(Woooowee, I love me some me), respect his workout regimen(lol, the classic espn interview of him doing sit ups in the drive way). Really, if it wasn’t for Randy Moss being my all time fav wide receiver, he would be my fav etc etc but what has been T.O’s problem and why has it been so hard for him his entire career.

              T.O. has that complex where it’s never his fault. Every situation it’s was always well, yall don’t know the whole story, that’s not who I truly am. The media always tells it to where I look like the bad guy. Basically, he always sees it as everybody’s against me. Never and I do mean never wanting to accept responsibility for his actions. Do you also see my point, that is a HUGE turn off and once again, this makes it harder for you to deal with him because that type of personality is exhausting, going back to the female example I used. This is Lebron in a nutshell, it is highly unlikely as fans that you all will ever see it this way but for those of us on the outside. That side of Lebron, like the other two examples, over shadow all the good about him. So hopefully within all of what I said you see that I am a thinking man.

              That my analysis so to speak isn’t without weight. I’ll go even deeper since you would like to know where we are coming from. Lebron shows on numerous occasions going back to what I said about Sofia that he needs validation for not all but some areas he lacks as a man. This is a trait that a lot of men suffer with who grew up without a father. That validation or where we get that foundation of manhood is something that we get from our fathers growing up(Since I grew up with father this void in these men is something that stands out to me like a sore thumb). Hence why he feels the need to be called King James, has the chosen one on his back etc. That is a man who has wrapped his manhood in these titles, which is why he needs them to feel self worth. So no, if anything, we’re not buying anything Lebron hence why we can see to who he really is. Yall buy what he sells. Lebron brings it all himself.

              Let me give you another example where I’m coming from about this. When Michael Jordan first came in the league and was tearing it up. They wanted to call him Captain Marvel. Jordan said, uh huh, I said no because I didn’t want to have to live up to that name. I wanted to prove myself first. The fact Jordan got that validation of man hood from his father gave him this ability to deny it till he proved himself. See Lebron is the exact opposite, now this takes us back to the female trait I spoke of and this also ties into what we say about how Lebron brings it on himself/what Jordan was ultimately saying. That insecurity, needing validation is so strong within him that the logic of what he will have to through because of being called King James etc is blocked. Hence back to the diva thing.

              Bruh, this stuff is so easy. I know tons of women who don’t even watch basketball like that, who when they can watch Lebron only for a few minutes tell he is boy in a man’s body. We’re not even going to talk about the dramatic shows he puts on every time he gets hit. Some yes are warranted most are over dramatic. He can flex, hit his chest but yet when he gets a hard hit, he plays it like he is as frail as Steph Curry. Lastly, the cast, dude, yet again. All he had to was wait till the interview was over but like many has also said on ESPN, he wanted the world to have this oh poor Lebron. He is doing all by himself and he played with a fractured hand or whatever it was.

              The Lebron fans did exactly what he wanted. One thing I can truly give him credit on is he is not dumb by any means. He knows what do to change the narrative. After he just got swept, more than likely has now been removed from the G.O.A.T conversation. You’re supposed to be King James etc but you get swept, Steph Curry etc has as many rings as you. Instead of ESPN talking about the Warriors, the conversation was mostly about whether his hand was a factor. It takes the pressure off of him. Like everybody has been saying, lol, that wrist or hand sure looked fine when he threw himself the ball off the background. Dude, I could go and on but you get the jist.

              • Son Goku says:

                Forgive me, I had a few errors. When I said if anything, we’re not buying anything Lebron etc. I meant to put selling after that. Another error, when I talked about what he will have to go through for being called King James. I meant to put when he fails what he will have to go through for being called King James.

                • I’m actually not even sure why we are talkin’ about Lebron on June 21st… First of all, I keeps it MOVING… I don’t give a fuck about dude outside of basketball… I don’t know him personally, so I have nothing invested in him… AND, why are you referencing Stephen A. Smith (lol!!) and comparing who has 3, or more rings??

                  Dude… what are you doing? What are you even talkin’ about???

                  Simply put…………………………………………………………………..

                  I just see grown men… more specifically, grown BLACK men seem to have issues with him, for weird ass reasons… IMO

                  YOU made it a point to choose HIM, to highlight Diva antics, and draw a parallel to a female porn star… That was FORCED, to begin with… I mean why?… No one was talkin’ about Lebron. I don’t give a shit about none of the hoopla… and how the media is gonna dance, and worship his every move – TRYING to find out where he might decide to play basketball… So they have something to talk about.

                  SO… I addressed the reasons why I don’t see any DIVA in a dude that takes care of ALL of his personal business to the highest level… I care about my family, money, & friends… He clearly seems to be doing the same… and, ALOT better than most… So…. how do I, as a man… call THAT man a DIVA??

                  That’s my only point…

                  Basketball is OVER, until next year… Why are we even speaking about Lebron, again?? I’m actually lost. Seriously lol!!!!

                  • Son Goku says:

                    Well, I’m going to wrap this up because we both said what he had to say. You feel how you feel about it and I feel how I feel about it. I stand strongly behind what I said based on my education on the subject, as well as many others in the world, MANY NBA officiando’s(As far as Stephen A. Lol, of course like I’ve heard many other Lebron fans say. Ya’ll don’t like him because he see’s ya boy for who he really is. So of course ya’ll are going to wave him off) blah blah have said the exact same things about the guy. So before I go into what I have to say, this has nothing to do with being black. Just because that is who you hear it from the most, doesn’t make the analysis wrong. What it should actually do is make you think, hmm, is it because black people(remember, I said many black women who aren’t blinded by fandom of different ages mind you have said the exact same things I’m saying) know other blacks better than other races. As well as, hmm, maybe especially white people have learned that they have to tread lightly on speaking about Lebron because our people love to use the race card when anytime they give their analysis about us. Especially if they start talking about, how his father not being there plays a part in a lot of why he has his insecurities etc.

                    There are a lot of things that we can say about our own, especially on t.v. that other races can’t. Come on bruh, this ain’t new. I will say though, Molly and Joy don’t hold back on speaking about Lebron’s Diva moments but they’re not white so they somewhat get a pass. My dude, if other women clown this man about this stuff, what does that tell you. This is why I brought up how women feel about him to begin with cause if anybody can see Divaness in a man, it’s a woman but I see you didn’t bring this up. Anyway, if you feel that was a reach to connect to him to a pornstar, hey you’re entitled to your opinion but again, you only keep looking at it from the surface. Going back to my other reply, like I said, it’s because you’re fan and because of that, like all his other fans. Yall will never see it other than how you want to because that’s what fans do. It will always be a reach to a fan. In which is why you keep going back to, how is a man who takes care of his family etc a Diva when that has NOTHING to do with what a Diva is.

                    I explained all that already about how a person can have good qualities but have a flaw that comes out in other areas of their lives that over shadows everything else. In regards to what makes the majority on the outside not be a fan of his, not respect him as a man etc etc. I don’t know where you got this idea that because a man takes cares of his family he can’t be Diva. Anyway, everything in life is all relative my friend. Back to the reach thing, you keep looking at the the value of the occupation when the comparison was about the person’s within the occupation. Just because she is a pornstar and he is NBA player doesn’t mean the two can’t share the same flaw.

                    Hell, if we want to use that logic, that’s like me saying oh because Donald Trump is the President and Joe Blow is a Principal at some high school that the two can’t be compared which is the furthest thing from the truth. What you have to keep mind is, at the end of the day, regardless to what your occupation maybe, you are still human. As we see our President can be just as low, deceiving, a snake etc etc as a Mob leader. Hence like the term my man Andre 3000 said in Four Brothers in talking about Douglas, the chubby guy who ratted on Victor Sweet.

                    Sweet owns Douglas, Douglas ain’t noting but a crook in a suit. Now was that comparison of Trump’s personality traits being the same as a Mob leader any different than someone comparing Lebron and Sofia, no. So why is it we can use these comparisons on everyone else but when it comes to Lebron, oh that’s a reach. Come on my dude. So to wrap this up. If anything, what really proves my point on the subject, it is known fact that most women who get into porn it’s because they have a lot of emotional issues, that blossom into alot of insecurities.

                    When you summarize everything I was saying, that’s basically where I was coming from about ya boy/he has a lot of insecurities. Full definition of a Diva, not webster’s definition or anything. They are a show of themselves, in which leads to them getting in their own way. I would talk about how his Divaness if you will affects his game, his teammates, a big part of why he is 3 and 6 in the Finals but that’s a different subject for a different day and maybe never because apart of me feels that would be a waste of my breath. All in all, hope there is no hard feelings between the two of us my friend. You ask, it’s June, why are we talking about Lebron.

                    Leborn just happened to be a name I used/came to mind. I could have used many, so trust me, it’s not that deep. It wasn’t like this, oh here is another chance to bash Lebron or like you said, make it a point to use him. Of course, I’m just messing with you when I say this lol, but dude, you are such a Lebron fan. I don’t expect anything less because that’s exactly how fan see things. “You made it a point to choose him etc etc”. Everything in ya’lls eyes is like that classic fan of Brittany Spears on youtube. LEAVE HER ALONE.

                    • Well damn, if this BOOK is wraping it up… I hate to see you NOT “wrapping it up”…. Sheesh… But, here we go again… (I’m TRYING to keep my shit short)

                      First OFF…

                      If you think Stephen A. Smith not liking Lebron, is the reason ALOT of Black people don’t really rock with Stephen A. like that… That says ALOT about you. & Now, YOU think I’m supposed to care about what Molly & Joy think?… Nah fam…. I just don’t gauge other men, in that way… I’ll say it again… If you take care of your FAMILY, money & friends… I’m NOT comfortable calling you a Diva. I don’t know this man personally, what are you NOT understanding about that? This man doesn’t having ANY affect on MY personal life, other than watching a basketball game… AND, I know how to keep it that way… These people get paid to talk shit about what other people do & want to call THEM, “The Divas”… You don’t see ANY irony in that? …

                      Now you’re bringing up Trump & Comparing him to school Principles? LMFAO!!!

                      #1 – DONALD TRUMP (or ANY president) DOES/CAN HAVE A SERIOUS EFFECT ON MY FAMILIES LIFE… SO I HAVE TO GAUGE OUR PRESIDENT IN A DIFFERENT WAY… Get it? Not to mention, I said Bron is great at HIS job… That STILL remains to be seen, with our President… Also… the perception of being a “family man” isn’t nearly as evident, with our President…

                      #2 – You are attempting to act as if I said, because he has more money THAT makes him better… I never said that… I said that man takes care of his family, friends, & money… & I said PEOPLE are the idiots allowing him to capitalize on THEM. Lebron has put his close friends in positions to be wealthy FOREVER, so in addition to his own children, he’s making sure his friend’s children are taken care of FOREVER… That, for me… would be a dream. To KNOW that I have SOOO many kids, connected to me living beautiful lives… Because of the work I put in…
                      That’s the ULTIMATE level of respect, IMO… YOU can see it differently, if you’d like… or chose to make the conversation about whatever you like… I’m saying what impacts ME, as a grown man.

                      #3 – So, let’s be CLEAR.. My narrative has been, taking care of your family, friends & money… right? So… can a Nurse do that??.. yes… a principle?… YES.. a Teacher??… YES… a postal worker?… YES… Why are you acting like I am saying because he has more MONEY/fame than a regular person, that makes him a better person?? I NEVER said that. This is the way jealous minded people think… I handle my business, SO I don’t have any issues with Lebron James handeling HIS… I applaud him handeling his. & ANY other person in the world, for that matter.

                      #4 – Lebron was able to generate a MILLION PLUS, for the boys & girls club… JUST by saying, where he was going to go play basketball… Please tell me how he was able to do that? How would any of the “antics” that bother people about him, actually work, If people didn’t invest SO much unecessary time and energy into him…? They wouldn’t. People NEED to invest that time and energy into their kids… and stop being so upset with Sports atheletes…

                      In closing… Let me ask you one more time, what are you doing? Why are we here? Did Lebron do somethin’ to you recently?

                      Why is it SOOOOO important that YOU prove to me that Lebron James is a Diva? Fam, I don’t even care like this…

                      He’s just a man, like you… or I… If he’s feeding his fam, like you or I… I don’t gauge him any different…

                      Now, (for example) if they have video of him beating his wife… His kids appearing to HATE him… or his kids saying, “I never see my dad”… etc, etc… Trust me… THAT’s when I’ll say, “Dude actin’ like a BITCH, puttin’ his hands on women… & not takin’ care of his kids…”

    • Grateful Lurker says:

      Y’all telling me she fucking with her looks again? ?