Super Thick BootyStar

Posted: 15th April 2018 by RealFastMustang in assoholics, big tits, DAMN, latin fire, PHAT ASSES
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  1. Damn, I talked ALL that shit about “modified” bodies, on the Blondie -vs- Virgo post… then, @Justoneup comes thru with this chick… And… I’m like, “Damn… modifications really ain’t that bad…” lol!!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Justoneup says:


  3. tomgos says:

    When it comes to this chick, it is hard to find a body part that has not been “modified”, tits, butt, face, you name it.
    What’s funny is that I still like her

  4. z8 says:

    She just had more work done earlier this year. Got waist fat removed and put more into her ass. Also, Had her nips tatted with hearts (looks super weird to me).

    Years ago, she was once skinny, but then had like a mental breakdown, on live camera at that. Went away for a while and came back. I forget the original name she went by. Anyone else remember?

    3rd time trying to post this, for what ever reason my posts keep lagging and disappearing. lol

  5. assoholics fan says:

    I wish she did real porn, camwhores are fun but it’s frustrating when they never go past that. I’m sure she has her reasons but it still sucks.

    • I thought Virgo paved the way for what these chicks should be aspiring to become 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • I know right… I think most of em, are tryna land a rich sucker……. You stay online long enough… you’ll have a rich dude from another country talkin’ ’bout marrying you… etc. etc….

      Not a bad move, for someone who’s only talent is being “attractive”.

      • z8 says:

        Speaking of that…There is a rumor that salma h ayek was a call girl before she stayed with that billionaire. If you guys were a billionare and you were going to pick/wife (with prenup obviously) a prime ho from the litter, who would you pull?

        • Man, I remember being a YOUNG AS HELL!!! Looking at Salma Hyek in Dusk Till Dawn & thinking she was the BEST THING IN THE WORLD!!! LOL!!…

          But, Damn… that’s a REALLY hard question… Let me rewind…. My TOP-5 women in the world, from about 7-8years old, until my early 20’s was Hallie Berry, J-Lo, Beyonce, Lauryn Hill & Alicia Keys (In this chronological order)…. (Honorable mention Erykah Badu)

          First up, Hallie Berry in the Last Boy Scout, & Boomerang set it off for me… She gave me that “funny feeling” -LOL!! I thought she was just unbelievable!! –

          Following her… was J-LO doing the movie “Selena” … I was already damn near crying lookin’ at her ass the whole movie (The maroon Glittery outfit was SERIOUS!!)… Not to mention when the Rose hit the stage 🙁 🙁 🙁

          At that same time, there was was (Destiny Childs) – Beyonce, this was maybe ’97, doing a BET awards show, or something in a blue dress… I’m still mad young… I damn near dropped a tear…

          Next up was, L-BOOGIE!!! … When Lauryn Hill did “That Thing” video, OMG!! Them Lips, That Skin! Crazy!!! ….

          And, Finally… When Alicia Keys, did that “No One” video & was dancing, playing the keyboard with her left hand only, with them thick ass legs… That was the next moment in my younger life, where I was just speechless…

          But, To Answer the question… I absolutely LOVE Erykah Badu’s current size, shape… her style, voice, mind, music… etc. etc… But, she be having dudes a little TOO GONE… I think I might be scared to jump into that thang… Fuck ’round and get strung out!!!

          So, Ima go Pre – Swizz Beats, No kids… Alicia Keys… For the Win…

          • blakmagik says:

            Duuuuuuude….Salma in FDTD is the smoking hot!!! Even in 1996 you had good taste my friend! I saw that movie again just the other day and she was painfully hot in that flick, hottest she has ever looked! I was jealous as hell of that snake!! Hell, even when she transformed into a vampire, from the neck down I was like “Yeah…I’d still hit it. Somebody grab me a paper bag for the face and let’s DO this!!!” Lol!

  6. Soulja says:

    First time I ever saw her I was like DAMNN, who is that lol she has a weird and sexy unique look, wish there was some boy girl action with her though, would love to see how she takes real dick.

    And what’s that pink thing in her pussy in the 2nd pic? Been seeing a lot of camgirls with that shit lately lol

  7. Hollywood Cole says:

    This chick looks like she is addicted to the knife and may have lil kim on speed dial in a quest to create a totally new person. This was worth downloading for the picture on the wall. I was cracking up at the narcissistic “Donald Trump huge” self portrait. Thanks for all of the work Uncle ‘stang!

    • “lil kim on speed dial” – LMFAO!!!!

      That’s EXACTLY what it looks like…

      On another note…..
      *………………………………………………. Now, who else wanna fuck wit Hollywood Cole* 😉

    • assoholics fan says:

      Lil Kim on speed dial lmao…

      But yeah I’ve noticed that pic too, whore is full of herself.

  8. Hollywood Cole says:

    hahahahaha, Yes sir!!! That’s just my interpetatoin of the situation:) from one of my favorite groups of all time. If it wasn’t for you then I wouldn’t have known that he was really saying court. I had never heard that until you pointed it out.

  9. Bob says:

    Dude can u post her recent sextape please!!!!

  10. Mike Hunt says:

    Bootystar sextape? Lawd.

  11. declan says:

    Dis thoot its charging a 100 for a lazy sex scene what do you think? Cuz

  12. xavier gomez says:

    Do you have these full videos?

    • Aritheman says:

      Ehhh.. i had access to them. not worth it. I paid like 35 dollars, some of the girls are dope but this dude is def not smashing right.

      also he tries to guilt you when you sign up saying not to rip the videos and post them anywhere else because he “can get killed since Colombia is a dangerous country” and that he is doing it only for money. Load of bs. but I still respected his wish

  13. Robert says:

    If u want to buy her sextape u have to ask her for it you can send her a message to her twitter or email and then share it with us dude please!!

  14. Fer says:

    So u will post it?

  15. ImJustSayin says:

    I think I might have a very lo-res version of her sextape. It’s not good at all. I’ll post it if I can find it.

  16. Mario says:

    Please post her sextape!!

  17. Daddy18 says:

    Hey dude could u find her sextape if u did please post i really wanna see it!!