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  1. KenSmit says:

    k2share.cc is going away ?

  2. KenSmit says:

    I have just purchased k2share.cc premium for a year

    Would you please keep the k2share.cc Links ?


  3. KenSmit says:

    I purchased directly from the site k2share.cc I didn’t use any link or referral

    I usually purchase rapidgator because assoholics.cc use it but now I started having connection problems with rapidgator.net and I decided to purchased k2share.cc because assoholics.cc use it

    • Damn 🙁 there ain’t really anything I can do – in that case. I hope after I remove k2s you’re are still able to get shit from other sites … I know alot of the stuff I post, isn’t easily found everywhere else… But, you might have to juggle two premiums for a while… maybe use k2s for ya movies, main stream porn, games etc.. etc… and rapidgator for assoholics 😉

      At the end of the day, they are worth what you pay for em 1000x over…

    • oh… and install Internet Download manager… that’ll help with the download connectivity issues.

      • KenSmit says:

        Now It is working with Internet Download Manager, I am going to purchase rapidgator but now I going to take care of using a link from this site