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  1. Mebigdeez says:

    Thank you hadn’t seen this anywhere yet

  2. dae says:

    This is fire. Can you re-up her BBW Highway joints?

  3. Son Goku says:

    Thanks big man for all the bbw vids lately. Do you have any Anastaisa vids left to upload/the ones I requested. Also, did you get a chance to grab all the vids I uploaded for you. There are 32 vids. Oh, lastly, did you grab the new Bianca Jewelz from bbwhighway. I have it already but it isn’t the best quality.

    • The original quality from the BBW Highway site is TRASH… That’s one thing they DEFINITELY need to correct… They have SHIITY quality videos… I could see their stream quality being low, but they need to get the damn resolution up on the download copy…

      • Son Goku says:

        Oh, so either you make the quality of the vids better or you get them from somewhere else. I haven’t had a membership there in a while so based on the vids you uploaded recently, I thought the quality improved. Anyway, still wondering about the other things I asked you about though. Wanted to make sure which Anastasia vids you had left that you were going to post before I bought some and if you were able to get the vids I uploaded.

  4. blakmagik says:

    Good GOD I love this woman!!! Thank you so much for posting this up so fast!!! You are habitually the man RFM!!!!