Richard Mann -vs- Virgo Peridot

Posted: 23rd December 2017 by RealFastMustang in assoholics, DAMN, IR, PHAT ASSES, super pawg
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  1. Shola says:

    Right on CCoolie & RFM.

  2. TheLoneHandRanger says:

    Thank you my good Sir.

  3. gusto says:

    Seems like I’m running into these internal 500 server errors more frequently. Something going on with the site?

  4. nate says:

    Thanks @RFM and @CCoolie for getting this to us!! Downloading now! Also I have some announcements bout Virgo peridot next few scenes! We all should know bout her Dogfart scene that is coming up shortly, also on her insatgram page she said she will be working with lex steele in the month of April. She has a scene with industry invaders with stallion, the same dude that worked with angelina castro n virgo on angelina castro website. last but not least, i found out virgo has a scene with the Phoenix marie on coming soon as well! Now if her scene with Phoenix is as good as Kelly divine and phoenix scene from everythingbutt. com in 2010, then we all shall be treated to a feast. Assoholics, this includes all your Virgo peridot announcements. see ya next time

  5. mack2city says:

    Man, Virgo been putting in work! Props!

  6. bigbundles says:

    props for this update, 100

  7. Phil says:

    Finally, VIRGO MEATS The MANN !!!!!

    Virgo, the phat ass white stallion guided by the veteran cocksman Richard Mann made some beautiful carnal music. At first she tried to tease our boy into blowing an early nut with that half-naked ass backing maneuvering. Eventually, let herself be guided by the rhythm of Rich’s black mamba. And then she tried to fight back, beautifully, inch by creamy, agonizingly tight inch, lovingly refusing to be tamed by that black pussy pleaser. What a sight to behold…..

    Just a bit disappointed how Rich didn’t let her finish him off with either her mouth or her hands and it seems she still afraid to taste and swallow cum. This little honey still has some way to go in that regard. In such case, he should have just nutted inside her pussy.

    Though, on a slightly different not and just so I know I am not suffering from bad eyesight, was it just the quality of the video, or did it seem like Virgo had just come off her period before they shot that scene?. For a few minutes her pussy cream looked kind of pink or reddish. Did anybody else notice this?

    Overall, a most excellent contribution by our brotha extraordinaire, RFM and his homie CCoolie

    • Maximum007 says:

      Dear Phil,

      That was awesome! Please do more scene analysis in the future.

      Yours sincerely,


  8. bootyman777 says:

    hey bro awsome video i love virgo this guy fucking also another big ass women by the name

    Alyssa Blondze

    i hope you can find more about here thnxx btw

  9. Oz says:

    This was kinda like waiting on Floyd & Pacquiao to fight. Im all about chemistry to make a scene classic or just hot. Cant wait to see her make Lex loose his fuckin mind. Everybody caps on ole Wesley, but to me Lex is just as humorous sometimes cause you swear its that dudes 1st time in some pussy. Hope Charlie Mac, Shane Diesel & Jack Napier get their hands on her soon. Then it’ll be time for Kink or Facial to come wear that cornbread-fed ass out cause Virgo needs to be spanked red and punished with no mercy cause I’ve yet to see that girl squirt with a dude.

    • Maximum007 says:

      You know what’s up lol!

      I’m willing to bet that Lex will nut more than once! Making that “Huarrrgh!” noise at the same time.

  10. BigMike says:

    Bitch need to do a scene with Prince Yahshua instead of lame asses like Richard Mann and John E. Depth.

  11. CCoolie says:

    yo RFM, I got her dp vid as well, if you don’t already have it I will upload it asap

  12. Tony says:

    Really like this scene but Mann looks like a old ass homeless mann with glasses.
    And why the fuck is the camera angle not of her ass riding the dick instead with get a full front shot for 10 mins. Still goodl

  13. Last comment dead on, this scene was poorly shot. Whoever rented the hotel room was a fucking midget. They are having sex on a midget twin bed with a headboard. Shit terrible, cameraman don’t even have enough room to get behind them for cowgirl. VIRGO PERIDOT IS COWGIRL. Virgo Peridot is on my list of cowgirl queens. Richard was going off when she was riding like he was impressed but damn we ain’t even get to see that shit…

  14. mclovin says:

    can you reup this?