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  1. dj says:

    Virgo should just stick to IR cause that booty was just made for BBC. Speaking of big, don’t know if any Game of Thrones fans out here, but i just saw that battle scene this week with the J Snow, the wildlings, and dead walkers was the shit. Love that giant straight up unstoppable like Bron against the Hawks

  2. nos says:

    Monster update!

    dem file sizes….

    Still need Cherry Blossom tho 🙂

    Also please upload ‘Dee Siren – Adult Theater Blowbang’

    You passed it up for some reason.

    Great update tho.

  3. WOW!! says:

    RFM, can we get that new Katt Garcia @ Chocolate Models?? Especially in a mid sized file too (not 1GB) like them other foo’s??

  4. xander says:

    Does Virgo ever sleep??! LOL

    Are you planning on posting Sassy Black’s, Fellatio’s BBD scenes in the near future?


    Datafile is an excellent pairing with RG btw, keep it coming RFM.

    Thank you

  5. candidbootys says:

    Virgo is the truth.
    . Think we can feature a candid today? The latest updates have been crazy

  6. Badazz says:

    Mz Carmel Delight ChocolateModels please

  7. Meecch says:

    Fire drop bro, think you can post the new bigbootylatinass and a couple of the older scenes again

  8. tre says:

    What about some lela star, porsha carrera, & julie kay!

  9. goosman says:

    Queen though? We totally sure that Sara Jay, gave up that title?

  10. Ben says:

    Don’t get the hype with this girl at all, she is pale, ugly in the face and sloppy

  11. boogs says:

    can you re-up dee siren’s “room” link” “dee and will” “42nd” “free ones” those links are dead.

  12. michaelthemac says:

    You getitng that keeping up with kiara Mia joint fam?

    • Keeping forgetting about that joint… did it actually release already?

      • michaelthemac says:

        Yea bro it released already. Looks pretty good.

        • Aiight… So, NOW… im wondering is this official XXX … Or, are they tryna trap me into some bullshit where she’s just going to be acting like Kim K until the last 5 min of the DVD where she puts in a little work….

      • Son Goku says:

        Yeah it did, she even has a website specifically made for the dvd. The name of the website is the name of the dvd. Keeping Up With Kiara Mia.com. As far as what you said the last time we spoke, I’m glad that sharing my story with you helped. Though I was 13, I’ve been through alot of things like that my entire life. Not as far as death in the family but yeah. So what helps me cope or gives me peace about what I’ve been through in my life(well, peace now that I”m older and matured cause for many years I was angry), god was using that so I could be a strength to all those who will come into my life that have gone through similar situations. Lol, so because I’m like a Goku, Ichigo etc, who will sacrifice, lay his life on the line etc to protect my family, friends, people I don’t even know, I accept my responsibility/destiny so to speak.

  13. z8 says:

    man he wrecked that ass and she got up like it wasn’t nothing. lmao. She a trooper.

  14. Soulja says:

    Plumperpass “chevy cobain” please grab that bro!!! Thanks

  15. Mr. Bojangles says:

    Virgo is way overrated. If anything Jada Stevens and Julie Cash in her thick days are queen pawgs IMO. Would say Sara Jay but she feel off lost weight and looks deflated nowadays.

  16. Izzy says:

    Lebron going to have to average 50 a game to stop Golden State. His supporting cast has to step the fuck up, literally no one showed up exept for Kyrie (2 points in overtime) Now Kyrie is leaving the game in crutches. I know it’s just game 1 but this ain’t a good sign. 44 points on 38 shots isn’t great at all, granted he had no choice but Lebron can’t shoot for shit, can’t fall in love with the jumper. Steph is ridiculous.

    That game 1 was really good though, from beginning to end.

    • I agree… I’m NERVOUS for Bron 🙁

      • DaSilverSurfer says:

        Great game last night…I will re-interate a post I put up about a week and a half ago. If Kyrie is hurt long term, its not a good look for the Cavs. The Warriors are too good defensively to let Lebron minus Ky-Ridiculous beat them in 7 games.

        Last night was the game to have for the Cavs with Bron going for 44. He’s going to have to play like he did against the Hawks to have a chance this series…and that means averaging a triple double. With Bron’ the points don’t really hurt you it’s him getting everybody else involved and scoring around 30 that does. Nail biting times for the Cavs over the next couple of days, cause if they go down 0-2 its a wrap.

          • Booty Brigade says:

            Kyrie out for the rest of the playoff with fractured kneecap. It’s a wrap.

            Both Shump and JR would have to go insane for the next week just for the Cavs to avoid a sweep. If they were capable of that, the Knicks woulda kept both they asses in NYC.

            Damn: Beyond that first round Clips-Spurs series, this season’s playoffs have been kinda wack.

        • Michael says:

          My problem is that after JR hit that killer three at the end of the half, they cut him out of the offense all together. JR, Shumpert and Masgov can all score but they were playing three man ball with Kyrie and Masgov!

          Don’t even get me started on that shitty last shot by LeBron in regulation…smh

          • TROOOOOOF!!!! Bron shoulda put is fuckin’ head down and went to the fuckin RACK!!!! and draw a foul… make ONE shot & go back to the Hotel smiling…. & you already got your split.

      • RichardBlack says:

        I appreciate all your work RFM! I wanted to request a blast from the past…Cali Davenport. Got any of her stuff? Still think her body was one of the best in Porn. Phat ass…and Phat pussy…

  17. Oz says:

    Sup Stang. I know you took an “L” last night so I feel you if you dont feel like being on this shit for a few, but if you cool with it…pass this one over to the fam…..


  18. kingteezy says:

    Kelly Divine and Blondie Fessar all day hands down. RFM you tripping,Virgo still aint Kelly Divine or hell Alexis Texas.

  19. DaSilverSurfer says:


    • Bro, I was at a wedding yesterday… and seen that shit pop up on my Gear Solo watch during the ceremony & my face was like 🙁 instantly ….

      I REALLY can’t see Bron being able to do this alone.

      • DaSilverSurfer says:

        Here is what I think, even if its no consolation at this point. You can’t replace Ky-Ridiculous….I REPEAT YOU CAN’T REPLACE HIM!!! What can work to the benefit is this Bron’ goes back to what he does best Point Forward. Get Mike Miller, James Jones and Shawn Marion off retirement AARP…after all they should be fresh as hell being they haven’t played a game combined in minutes this whole season.

        Bron’ and JR are going to have to break the defense down and hit the open men for 3’s or score and get fouled. Shumpert has to step his offensive game up…he can do that and Mosgov has to try and give Bogut the bizniss and Thompson has to score and continue to rebound. Again…Bron’ has to average damn near a triple dub for the rest of the series. He needs those Boston Cavs game 6 numbers the rest of the way (40-14-10).

        Now, how you try and stop the Warriors defensively…that’s another fkkn story…GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!!

  20. Aurora Jolie aka nikara says:

    download this video please


  21. Devin says:

    Hey you have the video of Virgo Peridot x Queen Rogue x Johnthan Jordan threesome; please upload that

  22. blade says:

    Can you re-up Nat Foxx?