1. Kenneth says:

    amazing ass!! thx a lot..

  2. mr-ralph says:

    Dammit! This site’s lack of male talent is killing me!

    • Ozymandiasy says:

      Word. There’s so much potential with the site and the dude is the worst part. Plus the videos might as well have no sound.

      • Yeah, he has the hard shit handled …. Nice thick Girls *check* … HD cam *check*

        Everything else is (at times)… *meh*

        • Txspy says:

          Pretty sure he would still be making these videos if he was making pennies. Seems like the guy loves his work and will probably never hire actually male talent.

          Dude basically gets paid to fuck his “type” of chick, its basically the dream job. No actually porn site would ever hire him so he made his own, true hustler right there.

  3. Raphael2308 says:

    Raphael2308 says:

    June 15, 2017 at 11:13 am

    Thanks for your work my brother,your site is killer!!!
    I have a request,do you have the ms cinnabunz Video from the phatness ?looking for it everywhere,cant find it,youre my last hope my man

  4. lucas says:

    keep2share off

  5. GZ33 says:

    This file was gone in a flash. Need re-up bruh

  6. pawn23 says:

    amazing video thx (mr-ralph and Ozymandiasy) They are strange people like to see the man lolll

  7. I used to be annoyed by the male talent. Then he brought in a hired gun and one of his top chicks didn’t give her usual performance. Johanna must have a good job or be married, she was not playing when the cam was on her face during them backshots, shit was funny

  8. Niko says:

    Thanks for the heat bro! Shouts @Josua too for coming thru with some fire!

  9. GZ33 says:

    Too much ass on this broad but that puny dick dude ruins the scenes. I get excited when I see the thumbnails. Then watch the vids and get disappointed. Those huge asses get me every single time lol

  10. kneadingdough says:

    Cant believe the links are down already!

    Can you reupload it, RFM ?

    BTW, that girl’s ass is serious. Big yet still flabby/juicy. I really don’t understand guys who crave girls with a firm butt.

  11. seedee says:

    i think i asked before, but do you or anyone have access to Kelsi Monroes OnlyFans stuff she promotes on Twitter?

  12. josd says:

    post for free!

  13. BBWL says:

    Waiting her ANAL scene 😉 😀

  14. Dr Greenthumb says:

    Amazing content, keep on with the good work

  15. Piropo says:

    @RFM on you next wave can you share new Chelas Way video!!

  16. str8jeanius says:

    links are down please please re-up

  17. Fiveforball says:

    I love the simple angles of the booty, perfect cushion for the pushin. But does anyone know if that progentra work(male enhancement) for pimpin cane, cuz his gurlz are on point. Fishnets and high heels, all that ass..

  18. Kimbo7656 says:

    How many models are on this roster total? I can never tell them apart

  19. Trigg says:

    Bruh Load this up…She gets Nakey in it!!!


  20. Piropo says:

    No updates???

  21. Radric Davis says:

    Lmaooo they need to send all the homies from blacked.com to brazil… if u wanna see phat asses like get piped properly check evasive angles movies

  22. karinbooty says:

    Damn, miss out again. plz reup in the name of all the noassatall women hubbies…

  23. BigDickWillie says:

    Please reup !

  24. grim says:

    please re-up?