1. Shola says:

    They need to fly Rico out to wherever she is because this is played out. I know it might cost bangbros more but it’ll be worth it.

  2. Oz says:

    Bang Brothers listening to reason!!!!

  3. nate says:

    u did it again RFM! Blondie is slowly becoming my favorite PAWG!

  4. dj says:

    Man I m just in love with this lady. In my opinion, she just have the perfect body. Good LAWD that booty..

  5. bmack says:

    Gonna have to go with Blondie over Virgo…both got similar bodies, but Blondie is a real cutie in the face too

  6. big trae says:

    Blondie one of my new favorites bang bros got that danger chick and rico tomorrow

  7. BigCockLover says:

    she need to move to the states so she can work with some of the big dawgs

  8. R.I.P A$AP YAMS says:

    lily sincere or blondie fesser ?????? yall be honest & don’t front

  9. Nate says:

    That New Carmen de Luz scene is up on bangbros, right now!!

  10. Hollywood Cole says:

    I know this is blasphemy to say to uncle ‘stang but i have to go with Blondie over lily. She gets the edge in my opinion because of the big naturals. I’m a sucker for dem tigg ole bittes. I just wish she would do blacked or a similar site where the lighting is better. the last two scenes she did with bangbros were fire but the lighting was horrible IMO.

  11. R.I.P A$AP YAMS says:


  12. nate says:

    blondie did her best work while working with bangbros!!! wish she could still be this size and thick today!!!