rapidgator / keep2share

  1. nate says:

    this a bad white girl!!

  2. blakmagik says:

    IMO, this girl is literally physically perfect. Alot of chicks out there now have big booty’s, big boobs, that’s nothing new. But this girl is truly gorgeous and her face is amazing. The figure is just icing on the cake. HOWEVER…if you follower her on Instagram you will be subjected to the painfully unfunny “skits” she does. She has deluded herself into thinking she’s some sort of actress/comedian, and she is terribly unfunny. Obviously no followers will tell her that, but they are definitely cringe-worthy to watch. But still, she is unbelievably stunning visually. She just needs to stick to being a model and give up the comedy routine.

  3. Deshawn says:

    how can she perfect when her ass is fake lol, don’t get me wrong would never pull out

    • it is tough to call a modified chick flawless…

    • blakmagik says:

      Her ass looks pretty real to me, looks proportional with her legs and thighs, etc. Obviously looks like she’s got some bolt-on’s, but there’s nothing new. I guess the real winner to me is her face, and that’s the thing that you can’t “buy” no matter how much plastic surgery you get. You just look like more and more of a freakshow. That’s pretty flawless (again, IMO), and the body is just the bonus. But hey, to each their own!