Man, I don’t know if I can wait until June 1st, for this Cavs / Warriors rematch!

Major props to Bron Bron… Let’s get it!! – Cavs in 7… AGAIN 😉

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  1. RicoDaKid says:

    I got the Warriors in 6. I just hope the Cavs don’t win, then that’ll give every Lebron lover the ammo to continue to believe he’s better than MJ, which he’ll never be

    • People need to stop acting like it’s impossible for someone (especially Bron) to eclipse Jordan… that, in itself, is worse than what the “LeBron Lovers” do…

      They are 2 totally different players… I grew up on Jordan… love MJ.. .watched his “Come Fly with Me” VHS tape, until I broke it… I’m wearing KAWS “Jordan 4s” while I type this… lol!

      But, if I HAVE to pick a team – starting with my first pick I’m going with Lebron first… because, I can surround him with ANY good players and he’ll just make them Great… Not to mention, he can literally run ANY position I need him to, depending on what other teammates I am able to add… And he’s often most dangerous when he’s running point.

  2. Miles says:

    Cavs been trolling the Warriors hard all year, I think poking the bear was a mistake. Neither of them are my team but as a fan of basketball i’m excited for the showdown. I got Warriors in 6

  3. Smitty says:

    Warriors in 4, and upload bbwhighway ??

  4. Dspikable says:

    Man!!! Screw LBJ…. that clown is the one who started this whole super team crap!…this is the first finals wheee I want both teams to lose. Durant went and jumped on the nuts OF THE TEAM who kicked his butt last year & LeBron has pissed and whined until he got every player he wanted….This is going to be the Day Care series, just put the crying MJ meme on all their face, cause that’s all them divas going to do… no disrespect to anyone just basketball talk…PEACE

    • Not calling you a hater… But, you sounding alot like a hater…

      Bron couldn’t get his hoe ass owner to get a prime premier player… So, he took his own destiny into his own hands… & Teamed up with Wade (who’s Miami team was NOT a front runner, at the time) … And carried an often injured or gassed Wade & Bosh to a helluva run….

      Then he went home.

      KD was already playing along side a HOFer… And a SOLID team, and left them for a 73-9 juggernaut, that beat him the previous year…

      I know you’re dissing KD and Bron… But, I just wanted to point out, what they did is NOT the same thing…

      • camron301 says:

        Let’s ALL remember that LeBron did NOT start the super team thing: some of you might remember a Houston team that had Barkley, Olajuwon and Pippen ( although at the tail end of their careers) then the Lakers team with Shaq, Kobe, Malone and GP (that nutted up & lost to a real team in Detroit), the Boston team with Pierce, KG and Ray Allen (all three were the stars of their respective teams BEFORE they were put together).

        And for some strange reason, a lot of people fail to mention that Miami was a perennial contender in the early 2000s but constantly came up short to Detroit. They also had a title BEFORE LeBron, as well as in 2010 the big names ( LeBron, Wade, Bosh, Stoudemire, CP3 and Melo) were signing short term early opt out deals to hopefully play together but Melo was the only one who signed a long term deal when the rest of the guys told him not to.

        KD joining the Warriors was strange only because of him going there after they basically had them beat, but just like Miami, once he came had to sign a lot of mid level guys just to stock up a bench. It really defeated the purpose of him wanting to lead his own team, but basically guaranteed him coming out of the west for the next few years…unless he goes back to OKC (which i think will happen soon).

        Now i am a LeBron fan, but my team has ALWAYS been Miami…and was pissed that he left, but understood it. Being that KD is from my area, i’d love to see him get a ring too. This will be a great series (almost a great as last year) but if i had to go for one or the other, i’d say Cavs in 7.

        • I agree….

          Bron being pissed at Cleveland… leaving for a 47–35 (1st round exiting) Miami Heat team… is totally different from KD leaving a team that SHOULD have dropped a 73-9 BEAST… to go to that VERY 73-9 Warriors team, the following year…

          And I actually ain’t mad at KD… I just don’t like when people make them out to be the same exact thing… Bron was leaving a Bad situation (after YEARS) with little help… and creating his own path, with one of his best friend’s in D. Wade…

          • Camron301 says:

            Exactly! And let’s not forget, LeBron asked management to get him help TWO YEARS BEFORE he left…and all they did was bring in Antawn Jamison and (at the very end of his career) Shaquille O’Neal. Kobe gave management the same threat if they didn’t get him help as well, because he was serious about going to either the Clippers or Bulls.

  5. Fiveforball says:

    RFM, we have to wait a whole week. Cmon, NBA… i got the Cavs. kd better show up in that perfect offense. Those Cavs got Defense On Deck and hit the 3ball. Cavs in 6, lebron gonna do some Jordan shit and end it in 6.

  6. Camron301 says:

    Can ANYONE get the new Miss Raquel scenes from her website (besides me) and post them? I think they’re all b/g scenes and one includes Sara Jay for a threesome…thanks in advance.

  7. diezel4eva says:

    Bro, I fucks wit yo for that bid! It’s 2-1-6 all day nicca! D-fend the Land!

  8. Don says:

    Need bron to get this dub, finally put an end to all that he aint the GOAT talk