thanks @jakes21!! 😉

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  1. fatlover says:

    Damn something about seeing this 40+ year old twerking

  2. fatlover says:

    Do you have any Briebrown
    she is very vintage. I managed to get all the videos from her old site.
    Before she retired and left to run her convention.

    • Nah, I’m not really a major SSBBW fan… I LOVE ALOT of ASS… But, I generally prefer alot of ass, with stomach at a minimum… Or, at least a really nice ratio… I can definitely deal with some stomach if there is 3x the amount of ass to go with it 😉 … But, most of the SSBBW chicks have like 200lbs of ass and 200lbs of stomach.. I can’t fux with it.

      • fatlover says:

        Neither am I. A lot of SSBBW cater more to the feeder ground, not ass guys
        I can name three that I’ve been interested in
        Brie Brown
        Mille Carter

        I usually just look for good angles to hid the stomach part.

  3. JoDoe says:

    Man…I’m so confused on how to feel about this. When she talks sounds like a goofy mom. Even some of her “dance moves” are that older white woman dance stuff you’d see when they’ve a little too much to drink.

    But THEN she drops it a few times like she’s been doing it for years. Nothing too crazy or out there but like she know she can just drop that ass anytime she wants…I’m just befuddled.

  4. Bigmike22 says:

    That was a boring video. It would of been better if you got the mirror dildo video instead.

    • Yeah, I agree this was the weakest one that I’ve posted thus far… This was an Assoholic contribution, so we definitely appreciate it… But, this isn’t the type of vid that I would have personally chose to purchase from the list of vids she has on her site…

      But, again….. any contribution from an Assoholic is always appreciated… 😉

  5. treblu says:

    Jessryan. A Legendary ATL PAWG Ex-stripper. She has a lotvof cam vids of that ass!