Ivana Bell

Posted: 14th April 2017 by RealFastMustang in assoholics, bubble butts, PHAT ASSES, super pawg


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  1. Your Better says:

    Still with the premium only bullshit?

    • That 10 bucks (give or take) is breaking you down, huh?… Generally, if that is the issue… you are probably too damn young to be surfing this site anyways…

      But, let me explain something to you… I premium most of the links to keep the crowd here small as possible… A few of you guys think I’m on some fucked up shit… But, to the guys that have been around here for a while… Remember when the site couldn’t even function at times because of the amount of users that would be flooding it…

      I realized that was hustling backwards… now, I just go hard for those that go hard for this site… For those that don’t see it that way… just keep it moving… there’s no hard feelings. I’m not trying to be some juggernaut blogger… I just want to provide good shit to the dudes that BEEN fuckin’ with the site(s) for years now.