Posted: 14th April 2017 by RealFastMustang in DAMN

Just wanted to make sure y’all have that King Kendrick

see y’all with another wave in a couple hours 😉


  1. pawn11 says:

    New emma scene from bigbootypantyhose is out

  2. O. C says:

    I hope there is some more dormina coming bro ssbbw pear shape are insane 😀

    • DAMN… sweetrockstar lookin’ kinda flames bro… I’m not even sure how that site works… So, if I scoop up the 20$ membership, DO I get access to all the videos she dropped??

      And, I assume the 50$ version allows you to speak to her and ask her for what type of video you would like to see??…

      Just making sure, before I scoop one up…

      • SK says:

        I think so, I dropped 25 on crystal mcbootay patreon but her shit is not popping at the moment she only posting pics and 10 second vids smdh just waiting for her to do something worth while I’m canceling in may.

  3. K says:

    Major props for that

    Also I am not sure if you posted this scene from the Hollywood wood PAWG


  4. Soul Glo says:

    Can we have some Dee Siren. Not had any of here material of here for time. Keep up the good work

  5. O. C says:

    Could you please re up the last Emma scenes too? Would be very grateful

  6. Friend says:

    The new videoclips from thebuttxxx.com would be nice too 😉

  7. DatBooty says:

    DNA goes so hard, im not feeling the last minute of the track tho :/

  8. Indigogo says:

    Please re up the other big booty Latinas stuff again Margot, Emma with Caroline
    Thanks 🙂

  9. KUNTA says:

    KING KUNTA!!!!!

  10. Smitty says:


  11. thekiddilly says:

    kendrick is coo its a easy listen DNA and FEAR are the best tracks and FEEL

  12. G says:

    Is this 3 classics in a row for Kendrick? Im feeling this one. Wasn’t really into To Pimp A Butterfly, but a lot of ppl love it.

    • Lyrically… All his shit is classic…

      But, I’d overall say he has 2 classics already… I still have to spin this one a couple more times to know exactly where I got it.

  13. FUNK45 says: