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  1. MrEman says:

    Amy Andersen Lite …

  2. nate says:

    cant wait to see the comments for her!!!!!

  3. SOITALLYT says:

    Waiting for the k2s! (:

  4. Don says:

    For fitness model/cam girl/swimsuit model to do hardcore porn in years… hopefully, she starts a trend!

  5. trae says:

    damn she stacked

  6. Penny says:

    whats the hold up on the new jayla foxx??

  7. Anon says:

    lol had to look twice cause i saw “shea” its a shame jenna shea doesnt get down like this .

  8. Dynomite says:

    I don’t go for the blonde bimbo type but I’ll be damned if she didn’t just give me an instant boner!!! Stacks!!!

  9. pawglover says:

    Too much surgery for my taste…

  10. They both have that “blatant willingness to be a hoe on camera” effect to them

  11. hbkdx12 says:

    She looks aight in these photos but looking at her actual proportions in the scene, she just looks someone wild out and turned up all the extreme attributes in a video game character creater smh

  12. Kenny says:

    Fuck, chick is sexy as hell. If you combine Amy Anderssen & Alura Jenson.
    She also shot a scene Angela White for Brazzers. I think Brazzers has her sign.

  13. fatlover says:

    Just like I thought I can just remote upload files into rapidgator. Much quicker then my connection.

    in 1080p