rapidgator / keep2share

  1. blakmagik says:

    Awesome upload man! Thanks as always!! When the heck they gonna do a proper anal scene with this chick!? What a waste!

    • I’m just glad she’s actually putting in some work… and NOT just shifting her big ass around on Connectpal asking for 50$ to see some corny shit…

      I have a feeling that she will definitely do more and more as that site gains a little traction…

      • blakmagik says:

        You make an EXTREMELY valid point my friend! Very, very true. I guess I should shut up and be thankful. 😉

        • lol!!… nah, just keeping the perspective… ain’t nothing wrong with wanting more… I’m just saying, during this instagram / connectpal era… When you see a chick making a strong attempt at being on the right track (actually fucking, for a sub-20$ per monthly rate) … We have to be a little patient 😉

  2. jw23876 says:

    This scene looks great! can’t wait to watch it. Seriously hoping you can get the granny panties clip from c4s. Hopefully, they make one for the site as well. Could you re-up the clothes try on video from her as well? I’m dying to see her jiggle like crazy trying all that stuff on

  3. ASAP YAM$ says:

    Siigh ol girl would of been rightfully piped down back in evasive angles brazilian scenes … smfh

  4. BigBootyFan says:

    Dope Drop!!

  5. Gman says:

    cant download homie… this sucks ass