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  1. ancis says:


  2. tuboi says:

    RFM, I know you said this a while back (and I’ve thought this too), but AJ puts in crazy work and people don’t give her any credit. Her ass, attitude, and non-dodger tendencies make her A+ in my book. Just seems like people sleep on her.

    • But, if she was making moves like Alexis Texas… everyone would be pissed off at her…

      So, I feel where you’re coming from 100%… & I have actually said the same thing on a couple occasions…

      Definitely under-appreciated.

  3. nate says:

    my personal opinion Aj applegate is not underrated. to me if she had an ass like the blondie fesser, virgo peridot, ryan smiles, ryan conner, harley jade, mandy muse she would be more loved!! dont get me wrong now, AJ applegate is fire and does anal as well!!

    • I guess, what I mean by under-rated is… We don’t really mention her at ALL… I can tell she definitely has a base, because she gets ALOT of work… But, I don’t see people saying ANYTHING about her… Her body is definitely on point, super nice ass… pretty face, doesn’t care about race, & she puts in the work….

      I feel like, if she was on some Alexis Texas type shit… people would complain… but, since there is nothing to complain about… We kinda just gloss over her…

      It’s not like it’s a big deal to me, or anything… I just like pointing out when some stars are actually out here doing what we really want them to do… 😉

      • tuboi says:

        Completely agree. Here’s another example: Rachel Starr. AJ definitely has an equal if not better body and has a ridiculously better face compared to Rachel’s horse looking ass. People go apeshit for Rachel’s scenes and are drooling for her to do IR. Meanwhile, AJ is putting in work on the daily…

  4. Tee says:

    She’s definatly an A1 in my top 5 ever, i miss Alanah Rae lol