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Posted: 18th March 2017 by RealFastMustang in assoholics

New Wave, Sunday Afternoon (3/19)… Had to push the wave back, had an issue uploading 🙁


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  1. Txspy says:

    Damn homie, thanks for the drop. My usually site is acting slow as fuck lately.

    • I got you bro…

      That fuckin “KMT” beat goes SOOOOOOO Hard!!!….

      • Txspy says:

        Yeah solid album so far.

        Sacrifices is probably the best verse I heard from Young Thug and 2 chainz kills it also.

        Glow may be the weakest Drake/Ye track pretty disappointing

        Probably best album of 2017 so far.

  2. SK says:

    We dropping music now word word

    • lol!… nah, not really…. I just know everyone is gonna be checking for this Drake HEAVY… So, I figured I’d make “some” of you guys lives easy… That are looking to make that “back-up” copy, to the copy that you’ve already purchase from Apple Music, like I did… 😉 😉

  3. Nino Brown says:

    I wouldn’t even use a Drake CD to sit my drink on

    • LMFAO!!!! Yeah, I know ALOT of cats like that… He’s not a favorite rapper, for me… But, I think he definitely makes very GOOD music… And he definitely raps a MILLION times better than all of these mumble rappers that are out…

    • Booty Brigade says:

      Damn, Nino

      That’s cold.

      (But I don’t like simpin’ ass mofos, so I’m right there with you actually.)

      • LFMAO!! And I can completely understand cats that don’t fuck with Drake… But, he’s currently selling more records than any other rapper… So… I figured I’d throw a link up for the Drake lovers, that might be lurking on here…

  4. Smitty says:

    All i know is, the flute beat wit Quavo is the best track

    • Hmmm… nah, I can’t agree with that… I fuck with the Drake tracks, where he actually showcases his lyrical talent – to the best of his ability… So, for me… Im feeling this “Do Not Disturb” & “Lose You” more than that track… By far… Drake is going off on this shit right here…

  5. bussdown says:

    You niggas tripping you need to be on that stepbrothers 3 with starlito n don trip rns.

  6. jd says:

    “” check out Syrianna on this bbw site

  7. O.c says:

    I hope there is some bbw/ssbbw stuff coming too

  8. jw23876 says:

    hey Mustang, do you think you could do a re-up for RG of Carmita Bonita’s clips? I really want to see that Bulma cosplay one and some of her newer material.

  9. Punani22 says:

    Thanks Mustang, ure uploads are amazing, would love to see more Connectpal stuff from Bella Bellz

    • Hmmmm…. Not sure how interested I am in skinny ass Bella… Especially if she’s only on there ass shaking in 480 resolution, like the rest of these chicks… While she has 1080p resolution professional fucking vids already out there… Seems like hustling backwards…

      Not, saying I absolutely WON’T get it… Just saying… I gotta think about this one…

  10. FUNK45 says:

    RFM. WHAT up. Drake shit is cool but I hope MF DOOM drops this year heavy. you heard that new Roc Marciano? keep up the good work

  11. Please post the new vids of
    Thx bro..

    • I wish you guys knew how shitty that site was… Some of these sites falsely advertise the ability to get quality shit from them… and then they give you HIGH res pics… and SHITTY ass quality vids… That site probably pissed me off, more than any other… when I had a membership to them…

      Shit was the fuckin’ worse.

  12. Soul Glo says:

    Hi RFM hopefully you can upload “fucking a fan” from Dee Siren. Thanks

  13. Smitty says:

    First its sunday afternoon, now its 430, u killin me Rfm lol im refreshing every hour waitin for this drop haha

  14. nametho says:

    whats the think about “black music” nowadays 2chains drake etc pure garbage ..when will black people finally stop to suffer because of whities sins.. seriously