new wave this evening….

Posted: 6th March 2017 by RealFastMustang in assoholics, big tits, DAMN, PHAT ASSES

sorry for the delay over the weekend… was outta town. 😉 – see y’all later.

feel free to drop a comment here, & let me know what you want to see in this upcoming wave….

  1. ghabawa says:

    Dont forget Pinky please She is my everything

  2. gabriell says:

    Bro.. please. Please post the new vids of

    • I know bruh… you ask for this EVERYDAY… & I KEEP telling you… these sites have NOT had a major update in a while… There’s no smashing at all… it’s just some of the same chicks JUST showing their ass… which is COOL… But, we’ll wait until they have a good update.

  3. 8ndigo says:

    Jumbooty and Mexicanbbws is what I am waiting for I love the extra pounds on them cheeks

    • I just HATE the way those types of sites are setup… you get a membership to them and they give you some low resolution bullshit ass clips, that ain’t much better than the damn trailers… shit is wack…

      I see why you want to see the girls on there… they just have terrible sites.

  4. nate says:

    luna star and eva lovia from bangbros, eva lovia, rachel starr and india summer from naughtyamerica, stella cox from dogfart and maybe some new kelly divine connectpal

  5. tdog says:

    Can you please put up some old rachel rayye brotha lovers stuff? Thanks!

  6. Hollywood Cole says:

    Can you repost that Cici Rome joint from HH honeys?

  7. Thegoat404 says:

    That new Lucy Lenore please bruh. On that xl site

  8. Kenneth says:
    Celeste desea comer algo mas..!!
    Andrea la curvy culona..!!
    Celeste ajustada es mejor..!!
    Carolina la gruesa en brasilero..!!
    Verónica Salas, Delicia de Cola.
    Úrsula Suárez, “Mega Bombón”

  9. Money_Mike says:


    please no more brazilian big butt (so ugly and not exciting ^^)
    suggestions: – club butts – SITH – urbanamateurs for exemple!


  10. NukeDuke says:

    Tanya Lieder, if you can get something from her connectpal

  11. joeblow says:

    More black women please! Its a drought out here

  12. SOITALLYT says:

    That Strella and Spicy J collab! spicys website is litty bro fwu!

  13. Jay says:

    Aye is it possible to reup some chocolatemodels from February? I would really like that Stacked star vid. Love your site.

  14. Davis says:

    Can you please upload some of Kiara Mia snap videos

  15. Enigma says:

    Can you get cherry blossoms and snicka lesbian scene from magicproductionsinc?

  16. Rbluff says:

    Because Curvy Alternative Latin Girls are rare in this day and age, please and thank you.

  17. The stabbawalkie says:

    I was hoping to see “Sweet Bandy” from Onionbooty. That white chick helped me bust many nuts in the past but I can’t find a good quality video of Nat smashing her. I would be grateful to find it here 🙂

  18. Kg lerenza says:

    Was up bro love your site.
    Can u hook up some mowett Ryder
    Some Victoria cakes and some gogo fukme

  19. LDN says:

    Can you get the past 5 or so Habib Show updates? Would love to see those uploaded.

  20. bronwbetty says:

    Loraine- Amazing Ass gets Fucked.
    You ain’t post that bruh. Come bruh need that lol

  21. Chris says:

    Big Oiled Up Asses…..

  22. Sanchie P says:

    Could you get the scenes from this site

  23. Aditya Jain says:

    please if you can upload hollywood scene from bootymag (I love choclate) had asked you lot of times.

  24. damez says:

    waiting on the rest of those showgirlz xlusives

    • Damn, my bad… Sometimes I scoop sites up and totally forget about em… especially if there really ain’t no smashing in em…

      • damez says:

        i feel you fam … I’m into soft core more nowadays so i pay attention to that lol..

        ones i wanted in particular were amy jackson, allie verseau , mila doll, nacole reese, bianca king

        but any of them will do !

  25. SB2088 says:

    Who’s ass is that in your profile pic mustang? Idk if I missed it but who is that and where is that clip? Must see

  26. Smitty says:

    Rfm, get the new scene on nastyflixxx. They have high resolution clips and great doggy angles. Plus the women got big asses.

  27. LATINALUVVA says:

    Would be nice to get this bitch in the rotation!!! She fine as fuck!

    • Some of these sites you guys are showing me, definitely appear to have potential (based on the girl(s) … The only problem with some of em.. (including this site) – is the site itself is setup so SHITTY… 🙁

  28. tdog says:

    Yeah the Rachel Rayye stuff is old. She had a few scenes on and some other sites. Can you look into those?

  29. Kg lerenza says:

    Was up bro love your site.
    Can u hook up some mowett Ryder
    Some Victoria cakes and some gogo fukme

  30. I'm mobile says:

    Can you re up mz booty and shorty Mac???

  31. SK says:

    Whats Good My Guy Celebrating My B Day Currently But What I Need Is I Got A Wave Coming To You Soon Too

    • Hmmmm…. Not sure how I feel about this chick… If you say she’s flames… we might have to get it… But, the ass shaking preview kinda has me like… Meh… But, at the same time, I definitely see the potential..

      • SK says:

        I mean she’s no Amba Dawn but I’m curious that she may have some heat behind the doors. She strikes me as one that may disappear one day like Anja Dee did so we gotta get her before she does fam lol

  32. Rodrigo says:

    Can you please update the Big Booty Latinass Margot and Selena scenes. The last ones you had of them

  33. Butlover says:

    Please mrs sirene : scene cowgirl
    Thanks for the great job

  34. Bbw anal says:

    Post some BBW anal vids, maybe even some big Brazil anal or something. Anything with big bitches getting fucked in the ass haha

  35. Bateman says:

    Old skool rare Brazilians like Virginia – Rosa – Joyce Oliveira – Sabara. Aninha – sumaya – Vivienne – Jessica Bella. all the real naughty ones from a few years back

    • As much as I love most, if not all of those girls… I HATE that most of their really good flicks are in standard or LOW resolution…

      HD took over the game a decade late 🙁

  36. RSKYDVL says:

    I love you, RFM. No homo

  37. Bleazy says:

    Does anyone else like Dirty Director (My Huge Holes)
    I love me a dirty BBW/SSBW
    Hope Randalin gets freaky soon

  38. punani22 says:

    Melrose Fox has a new BJ scene on pinkyxxx
    also anything from Victoria cakes connectpal is always gold

  39. ouyuh says:

    can’t find these anywhere.


  40. Dangerous C Hawks says:

    Wsup stang. Love the site. C mon RFM is there any new cubana swallows aka miyamme spice out there. Thx

    • Nah… she hasn’t done ANYTHING for quite some time… and if I’m wrong, someone point me in the right direction… If it looks FLAMES, it’ll be on here tonight.

  41. 23isG.O.A.T. says:

    PLS.PLS. PLS. More Katie Cummings!!!!!!!!

    • Damn, loving how her ass looks in that first vid at the top… THE ONLY PROBLEM is… she ain’t doing shit… and she wants 20$ for it?? lol!! WTF… these chicks just be out here extorting their fan base, something serious…

      The minute she post one where her ass looks like that, but she’s actually doing SOMETHING… I got you…

  42. Bleazy says:

    RFM? Can you get anymore vids of Amba Dawn please bro?

    • Definitely wouldn’t mind posting more stuff from her… I’m just not sure where she post her shit at… That chick needs her own site, ASAP!

      • Bleazy says:

        You know that bro. She’s flying the flag for the gingers and British girls. And she does anal like a pro. She post on, if that helps?
        Also, TuttiTheBooty got your radar yet. She has a connectpal now. In love with the thickness

        • I hate that the connectpal sites don’t have better advertisement for each channel … you end up grabbing a subscription and the chick has 3 updates in a damn month…

  43. pulsar says:

    Any chance for ATL-Bad-Boy videos of Rachael & Thickness (Supa-thick)? Thanks for all the work so far! Appreciate it.

  44. bussdown says:

    I see a bunch of request for the same olé shit. Can you post some scenes like her dildo scenes?

  45. Blackbettyy says:

    Please post some bbw anal content or bbw ass spreading content. Especially Brazil or ebony lol. There’s a dearth of that content :(.. I need to see big asses lol

  46. bbondek says:

    how do i gift scenes that might not be on the site

  47. BlaccMac says:

    Just curious on this, but do you have any experience with clips4sale? There’s really only one clip I’m interested in. I have a k2s premium and once time comes to renew I’ll think of ya, as well as using your link/s both then and now. Looking forward to the next wave. Peace in the middle, bruh.

  48. DRIIMM says:

    hi… thank u for yours up… i want see video with white big butt / anal / bukkake & gb


  49. Ranks says:

    There’s a ole skool pinky scene with a guy who looks like batista the wrestler, have you got that?
    And any new phatness scenes, saw someone say no more, big Brazil busts, you crazy, keep them comming,, more bbw SSBBW the better,

  50. noss says:

    Can you post the other Nina Kayy Dickdrainers vids?


    • Which one is it?

      This “Fucking Nina Kayy Pt. 2”

      I know I should already know… But, I post SOOOOO much shit, I don’t even get a chance to watch 99.999% of this shit…

      Just wanna make sure.

      • noss says:

        EPIC Blowjob with Nina Kay!
        Fucking Nina Kayy Pt. 1
        Fucking Nina Kayy Pt. 2

  51. Misfit says:

    Appreciate the work you do mustang!!
    Can you reupload the Miss Raquel scenes from industry invaders (Wife Tales) and dick drainers? Those two were classics

  52. dathirst says:

    Poton big Tits has some new scenes we rarely ever get uploads from that site

  53. Ranks says:


  54. P.R. says:

    How about a re-up of the bblass wave you did about a month ago…I think it was around 25 clips?

  55. JT says:

    Tiffany Blake: Coozhound, Ms.Nympho,
    Bay Blue aka Isis: NastyNyamateurs, Subsluts
    Sam Paige:
    Demaris: nasty ny amateurs


  56. Marbles says:

    Carol Foxxx (aka ex rated wyfe) still making flicks?

  57. BCK says:

    Dani Dolce from Super Soul Sisters 3

  58. Mark says:

    Atl-Bad Boy videos RFM… Jaslyn, Racheal, Mrs Jones ( damn bitch ) Ms Wett, Supa-Thick, KHI . You Know…

  59. ChrisCruz says:

    RFM do you think you could get any scenes of Iscream Candy?
    Like the ones on here site, has some nice blow scenes

  60. CANY says:

    dont forget or rawblack vids
    cherokee new stuf

  61. G says:

    plz, the Pinky Kakey scene from her site with Nathan (dude with the dreads).

  62. Jay says:

    Can u re-up the Rome, Bodyxxx, and Bunz4ever scenes

  63. bill bixby says:

    Can you post that new scene from

  64. BGBLK says:

    Can you get darklordmarkus stuff
    m@nyvids dot com/Video/351686/Matchcom-Mom-BBC-Creampie-Date/

  65. humper9 says:

    Can you get the latest Diamond, Diamond & Moe clips?
    Great work…