Melrose Fox and Jovan Jordan PinkyXXX

Posted: 8th March 2017 by RealFastMustang in assoholics, big tits
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added higher res version.

– The Return of Melrose Foxxx !!!

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  1. el L says:

    waste of a scene smh

  2. Leroy Jenkins III says:

    Really hope she does more than this was hyped then realized she just slobbing some knob we need her to take the D again! waste of a comeback

  3. Joey says:

    We really need to stage an intervention to get Pinky to stop downsizing these vids. I don’t get it, she shoots in HD. It’s 2017, 1080p is standard. Niggas ain’t on dial up no more…lol

  4. Joe Mali says:

    Waste of fucken scene

  5. Nino Brown says:

    Bitch could’ve stayed out the game if she was gonna come back lookin like she literally walked off the corner.

  6. zxczxc says:

    Nooo, watermarks are back! Not on PinkyXXX scenes please!

  7. rell92 says:

    But other than that Melrose is finally back! Hopefully she’ll shoot with better companies. Pinky is the best at finding new girls and bringing retired ones back!