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Posted: 2nd March 2017 by RealFastMustang in assoholics, BBW, DAMN, PHAT ASSES, super pawg
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  1. That dude says:

    Waitin on that Porn drop now. Her light is fading, niggas getting used to looking at that ass. The time is coming brethren. (see Virgo Peridot)

  2. assoholics fan says:

    Would rather see Mollywoodz from CM take the pipe. This bitch right here looks deformed.

  3. roger rogg says:

    whats pup wit the new stuff

  4. bigass says:

    Idk bout niggas getting tired she get a better cam do showers oil outside walking she can stick around she aint doing porn some nfl nba player going to eventually pop.

    • Joey says:

      No pro baller millionaire nigga gonna wife this mutant chick up and walk around with her in public. This broad is strictly for pookie and ray ray on the block…lol

      • I understand what you’re tryna say… but, I disagree with who you said she is “strictly for”… Maybe a millionaire dude, won’t “wife” her… but, If you think for a minute there ain’t dudes with MAJOR paper tryna fly her somewhere to smash her & line her pockets up a little… I think you are underestimating her, because YOU might not be feeling her…

        I’d bet WHATEVER… there is a pro athlete, doctor, or whatever in her DM’s, right now, tryna fly her somewhere… I don’t think ya average hood cat (with ZERO paper) even has much of a chance, now that she’s been on TV & shit…

  5. bigass says:

    u cray u seen these bench player wives u seen chris bosh wife nfl players love bbws

    • I think ALOT of people love BBWs… some people love em, and they don’t know it yet… Sometimes, it’s all about NOT being afraid to try something different… Some people get stuck in a comfort zone, or just accept what society tells them is attractive & miss out on ALOT of possible good shit out there…

      I was all about them 125-140lbs chicks from high school until my first year of college… I caught an ULTRA cute, SUPER curvy 175 pounder… And the shit changed my life… I promise you.

      So, I appreciate ALL types of chicks, because I’ve smashed ALL types of chicks (at this point in my life)… Every color, Every size from, 120 to about 250 (lol!) … Shit, maybe even heavier… They were ALL pretty though 😉 – LMFAO!!

      I don’t care so much about pretty in porn… It’s really just a bonus… But, in real life… I’ll work with ya weight all day, if you have major ass and or major tits… But, I can’t get past ugly… Don’t give a damn about skin color or hair… But, ya can’t be ugly…

      I see ALOT of mixed reactions to Randalin… For me, I’d POUND the fuck outta that Gigantic Strange Ass… And more than likely, LOVE IT!! 🙂

    • Nate says:

      Is Chris bosh wife a BBW??